When Linden Are Trying To Catch A Glimpse Of The Famous SaveMe Oh

As soon the Linden heard the rumour that the most famous artist of SL might do a guest appearance at the rezday party of Draxtor Depression they fight their way in. Unfortunately for them the idiot owner of the club; Gemini Enfield was shaking so much from excitement that he hit the ban button by accident.

Draxtor Despres: HEY FOLKS

Xiola Linden: happy rez day, Drax!

Xiola Linden: woot woot

Draxtor Despres: Awesome how many people showed

Benjamin Wahl: SaveMe … well hello again.

SaveMe Oh: Again???? Was I here before???

Sina Souza: Hello, good evening and happy Rez Day Drax.  Hi SaveMe!

Shaman Linden: Hiya Drax! Happy rezday!

SaveMe Oh: Hi Sina

Claudia222 Jewell: hi SaveMe

SaveMe Oh: Hi Claudia

Pete Linden: Hi everyone, happy rez day  Drax!

Xiola Linden: I can hear ya on twitch fine, drax


Draxtor Despres: My work can only happen with you guys

SaveMe Oh: If people were not so stupid to make those kind of buildings we wouldn’t have the lag

Draxtor Despres: SaveMe be nice 🙂

SaveMe Oh: It’s true, that can also be nice. Don’t you think so?

Draxtor Despres: We got a lot of LIndens here today. How many Lindens does it take to screw in a light bulb?

Shaman Linden: Depends on the scripting of the fixture 😉

SaveMe Oh: Linden are extreme laggy as they wear noobhair

Draxtor Despres: good one Shaman!!!!

Justin Swords: is Ebbe Linden going to put in an appearance here too?

SaveMe Oh: When Ebbe comes I will give him the same treatment as I once did M. Linden

-SneeK- Swear Jar (Green): SaveMe Oh has just said a bad word, they need to pay the swear jar L$10!!

Xiola Linden: mari – people are sneaking in 🙂

Xiola Linden: Hello! :-))

Vick Forcella: OMG, OMG, OMG.. I see a Linden!

Draxtor Despres: SaveMe please stop rezzing stuff ok?

Clockwork Puppet: It’s raining men?


SaveMe Oh: I never rezz stuff, 8 years in SL and the noob still don’t get it

Gemini Enfield ejected and banned you from this land.

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