No Time To Grow Up

Monday is my 8th rezday which will be celebrated with my daily routine, perform somewhere in SL which is so time consuming that it is impossible for me to grow up.

SaveMe Oh 8th rezday

Yesterday I was preparing for the event of Monday but I didn’t get a second rest. First Josef K. called me as he wants me all the time to upgrade his gallery were he knows that what he really should do was tear the awful building down. He forced me in labour, but luckily my sister Bryn called me for duty. In an unbelievable ugly sim with barns and grass somebody was performing dead music, so I had no other option than upgrade the place with sheep (for my sister Bryn) and horses (to make Quan Lavender feel at home). In these surrounding my brother JoaoPedro Oh joined us so we could finally shoot some family pics.



Just in time before they banned me there. I thought I could have a quiet rest of the evening when DD (Deceptions Digital) called me for duty. Being the first who completely understood the message she cleaned out her sim, stood there in the middle with her keyboard in complete NOTHING and gave me space and music.


Her fans shouted out in despair “OMG we can stand around her” and “This is the first time I am not seeing her on a stage”. As if a virtual musician needs a stage, as if a virtual musician needs to stand higher for an audience to see her (you all have a zoom function, you idiots). As if a virtual musician needs an avatar pretending to play music to make the illusion complete. Instead of that DD with her music and I with my visual improvisations created a unique environment and experience that made it something special only for the happy few who were there.




And at the end of the night I realised that I again missed the opportunity to seriously grow up a little, sorry for that, my dear enemies.


Last 6 pics by Josef K.

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