The Graveyard Is Open Again

In the rich history of virtual reality we had all kind of wannabe artists and event organisers passing by in a quick search for recognition without too much effort. After doing one or two tricks on the virtual canvas, mainly glueing some prims together or fart a texture on a virtual wall they disappeared as quick as they came as it became clear then, that when psychopath pic-shitters like Ampel Gooson and others publish every day a diarrhoea of images the interested viewer will run screaming towards the nearest mental institution. But now the dead raise from the grave as one of the event organisers, Roxelo Babenco raise from her tomb to see if she could repeat the old trick one more time, using the most boring concept from virtual world and …..copy it once more. How this works? Ask a builder for a megalomaniac environment that can host all zombie artists to warm up their old stuff. And there we see again the CARP or Pirats concept with rooms no artist would ask for, even with a knife on her throat, as if we would die for exposing our work in an egg with stripes surrounded by 40 other eggs with stripes. When these megalomaniac buildings in secondlife were constructed the chance you would meet another avatar once where reasonable possible but now in open sim, where the dead artists are kept warm in their virtual fridges, you can be sure that you have the whole space for yourself after the opening. On the other hand, to see dead avatars in their noob version from 2006 or 2007 once more can be for historians a once in a lifetime event. Will Josina Burgess have blonde flexi hair today, will Roxelo Babenco succeed to once more create her top hat she is soooooo famous for and will Eupalinos Ugajin be able to flux his toilet without dada Marmaduke Arado on his head? Or will they send the otter in for some serious plumbing? And will SaveMe Oh….no?…..really?…..OMG! Snapshot_231


Roxelo did the TOPHAT


3 thoughts on “The Graveyard Is Open Again

  1. My concept is not the same as Pirats, I never had to do anything with them. I collaborate with Velazquez and Josina in some event … but where were you when I used to organize Arena Call for Artists, bringing this project to the exhibition Virtual Renaissance in Florence and Futuroma, night futurist, in Rome?
    Last night, at the inauguration of the museum, there was a good discussion on the future of this project, with Mario Gerosa, author of books such as Second Life and Virtual Renaissance and curator of the exhibition of the same name, Bruno Cerboni, which in 2006/07 was building half Second Life Italian (!bruno-cerboni/c5jk), Paolo Valente a, architect in Rome, alias arco Rosca. and other people in the art world. We talked about the change of perspective in thinking to an exhibition of works created in parallel worlds, giving priority today than yesterday, the sight of these works directly into the world, instead groped to take them on display outdoors with the risk not to give back or immersion, nor beauty.

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