The Warm Welcome For New Media Artist Michael Green

Michael Green: Hi u know where i can get free shoes?

SaveMe Oh: You dont need shoes

Michael Green: I am joining a secret society and they have strict dress code but i found some shoes yesterday

SaveMe Oh: When you kill yourself at the end of the year you dont need shoes

Michael Green: Depends where i kill myself if it is at the secret society, then i will need the shoes

SaveMe Oh: And as it looks like you want to follow that boring concept already done before you dont need shoes.In fact you better kill yourself today. When you need help call me

Michael Green: I don/t need your advice. I would be dead if I listened to you

SaveMe Oh: You are already dead, because what you try to do is so dead! You can be glad I even take the time to help you out

Michael Green: You have no idea what I m gonna do

SaveMe Oh: I have exactly the idea and its increddible boring. When you had done it 10 years ago, ok, but now….

Michael Green: It works more now because it is 10 yrs. Nobody remembers ten years ago. They remember the interview printed yesterday

SaveMe Oh: What interview? Those silly remarks of yours?

Michael Green: I will send you a link

SaveMe Oh: I only read my own stuff, dont bother

Michael Green: Ok please tell me why you hate me so much

SaveMe Oh: I hate every idiot

Michael Green: Why do you hate?

SaveMe Oh: Because I am a mess with gardening flowers

Michael Green: Teleport me and murder me

SaveMe Oh: Ah you already know the word teleport

Michael Green: Is that u savemeoh?

SaveMe Oh: Of course. I am the only one you need to know

Michael Green: Ok why dont u like me?

SaveMe Oh: Mainly because you are a snob, a pretentious snob

Michael Green: Is that true? i have been polite to you

SaveMe Oh: And when people are polite you have to be polite in return?

Michael Green: You are like me then you say what is on your mind

SaveMe Oh: When you have a hair like that I feel obligated to be unpolite


Michael Green: Tell me more

SaveMe Oh: What you want to know, I am the artist here. Not the person to fill in your silly story

Michael Green: Good for you.

Michael Green: I am sorry but you are a terrible artist

Then he attached a 2007 noob dick….

SaveMe Oh: You want to show me your a dick or what?

Michael Green: I;m da artist. Until you speak to me wiith some respect

SaveMe Oh: With respect I clean my ass normally

Michael Green: I want to fuck you so i can be a better artist

SaveMe Oh: How much Linden you have?

Michael Green: Zero, capitalism is boring

SaveMe Oh: Thats to less but I can borrow you my dog?

The same day he blocked me on his twitter account:  You are blocked from following @metadiamonds and viewing @metadiamonds’s Tweets. (AKA Michael Green)

And in secondlife: officialmichaelgreenv6: (Saved Sun 15 Mar 2015 03:57:12) i m sorry i can’t help you anymore with your little project . i am going to have to block text, for the simple reason that I need to preserve as much of my genius as possible for myself. bye:> wink

And here his comment: 

Michael Green replied to your comment on New Media Artist Michael Green’s 365 Days of Adventure In Second Life: Very clever. expoiting this article for your own benefit! And you even edited the part out when i commented how horrible your taste of music is! Our conversation in retrospect feels a bit fraudulent in retrospect

6 thoughts on “The Warm Welcome For New Media Artist Michael Green

    • You don’t like opposition???? You are blocked from following @metadiamonds and viewing @metadiamonds’s Tweets. (AKA Michael Green)

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