Fighting In The Lobby

My sister Bryn open another thingy of hers, but letting her dear sister in? Of course not.

Alice Rothmanay: I’m having trouble getting outside.  I’m stuck in the gallery building.

SaveMe Oh: That will teach you. Scream in the cam for help

Bryn Oh: Just walk down the hallway to the girl looking at the painting of the barn on a wheat field

PatriciaAnne Daviau: Bryn to the rescue!

SaveMe Oh: Locked in a Bryn Oh, your worsed nightmare

SaveMe Oh: Did you pre-ban me again, Bryn, or can I reach the lobby too?

Bryn Oh: You have been banned for ages .. because well… you are annoying

SaveMe Oh: So still banned?

Bryn Oh: And now in my group like the little stalker you are

SaveMe Oh: I don’t have to take measures in case im locked up there? Hey, dont forget all the Linden I gave you to survive.

Leonard Magnifico: Oh, Oh ” laughs ”

SaveMe Oh: She forgets so quick…I was intending to take my sheep to your lobby

Caliban Jigsaw: ahhh where is the lobby, Bryn?

SaveMe Oh: Behind the stable

Clairwil Oh: Don’t force me to come over and give you a sisterly spanking, SaveMe.

SaveMe Oh: You bought food for the sheep?

Juliette: smiles

SaveMe Oh: Better beat up Bryn for locking me out again. I was so looking forward to go and visit the lobby

Clairwil Oh: Well…you are just going to have to read about it on the 10 o’clock news. There’s lots of talent in the Oh family. I am sure that soon I will be seeing another wonderful SaveMe machinima.

SaveMe Oh: Dont promote me in this group, I dont want farmers as followers

Clairwil Oh: pfft.

Cherry: hands out cookies

SaveMe Oh: You also have sheep cookies?

Cherry: Shaped like a sheep, got a nice cutout for that

Nicki Darbyshire: Giggles…and raises her pitchfork to SaveMe

SaveMe Oh: Now tell me, is the Lobby a complete copy of AM Radio’s work? As I cant go myself I am curious.

[12:32]  Bryn Oh: You have been ejected from ‘Immersiva’ by Bryn Oh.

Bryn Oh: you got what you wanted saveme

Philos Kidd: lol

frenzy23: idk..I am getting a kick out of your chat in Imersiva group..your blog is fun too…I needed the smiles today..thanks

Kharne Sagan: I like drama gossip, what’s the origin of this drama?

Nicki Darbyshire: SaveMe is drama…sighs

Bryn Oh: now run off and blog it

San: No need to ask … jeolousy, self-centredness, etc etc

SaveMe Oh: The origin is Bryn’s behavior 8 years ago when she was angry when I upgraded a boring art talk of her

San: dull normalness etc etc, who knows, it doesn’t metter nor matter

Kharne Sagan: 8 YEARS OF DRAMA!?

Bryn Oh: No it was actually when you went to Sabrinaa Nightfires funeral for cancer and mocked her family

Kharne Sagan: There must be more stories

Gazelle.falconer: Saveme Oh is a fascist who brooks no other views but hers alone

San: Take your complaints to Bryn, not to the overall group please. Seems so Gazelle.

Bryn Oh: Who made avatars to come into sl to witness it

San (santoshima): seems so

Nicki Darbyshire-Nyn (nicki.darbyshire): I got thrown out of places with SaveMe cos I sided with her

SaveMe Oh: Sabrinaa loved me, you are just jealous

San: It’s very very human on the low end of the scale. Please stop involving people in your negativity and narcisism

Gazelle.falconer: For the bottom feeders

SaveMe Oh: I was only asking to go in the lobby

Cherry: “Although originally a non-offensive reference to fishing by trolling for comments or suggestions, the term in Internetspeak has evolved and now refers to someone who engages in discussions purely to provoke or annoy. Because trolls take away from productive work, the ideal response is to starve the troll of attention by ignoring it and going about your usual business. People being people, though, someone usually takes the bait, which is why trolls are so notorious.”

SaveMe Oh: are we now getting the wikipedia scientists?

Bryn Oh: SaveMe why not instead explain why you went to her funeral and mocked her family? What possessed you to do that days after they lost a daughter?

Clairwil Oh: I would like to know the answer to that too. I have been curious.

SaveMe Oh: I loved her and worked together with her

Bryn Oh: You felt it was ok to mock their loss

SaveMe Oh: Here the great movie we made together:

Bryn Oh: The world is full of people without the ability to feel empathy for others and you are one of those

SaveMe Oh: Its even more disgusting you use diseased people to design your truth

Bryn Oh: And you hide behind calling it art

Cherry: * looks for that MJ popcorn eating gif *

SaveMe Oh: hide? I came forward for an entree in the lobby. Why not TP me in Bryn, is it so difficult?

Bryn Oh: you have 30 alts use one

SaveMe Oh: My alts hate your stuff

Clairwil Oh: I am sad to think that you, SaveMe, would use your wit to attack someone who is already down. It is a fine thing to bring a rapier wit to question authority and those in power, but I am sorry to hear that it would be used against those who are not able to handle it

SaveMe Oh: its what you want to believe Clairwill.

Kharne Sagan: Are all the Ohs like SL sisters or something, or were?

SaveMe Oh: Of course we are and Bryn doesnt allow me in the family because she want all the fame for herself

Samantha Herstein wonders if she’s wandered into a reading of an old old movie script…

San: christ

SaveMe Oh: Cheesus, I prefer. Christ might be another invention of her

Manaseh Draken: sounds like family problems……   and i don’t do family problems

Clairwil Oh: What I would WANT to believe, SaveMe, is that you would exercise compassion when it is appropriate and be fierce when it is appropriate. And I hope that would be what you would take from my concern.

SaveMe Oh: Go suck some blood, you are getting weak

San: could be your motto instead of “salvation” whoever you are.

SaveMe Oh: Clairwill is the vampire of the family, not me, im not into bats or sheep

Clairwil Oh: Possibly. But I won’t be weak with you, because you are very strong and expect it from others.

San: so go diddle with a sheep instead of this group chat

SaveMe Oh: Can you all stop now please, I have to edit this for my blog

Bryn Oh: Keyboard warriors are not strong, just an illusion

San: so true

SaveMe Oh: Ilussion, the supreme art

Gazelle Falconer: Is that the blog where YOU save the world from its own hypocrisy Save?

SaveMe Oh: Yes Gazelle, did it help you?

Clairwil Oh: Before you get all bloggy, SaveMe, don’t leave this out: for the record…I love you in that way that one comes to love someone in SL, and i love your work. I also love Bryn and Bryn’s work. I wish that all this “Sheep Talk” and other carping would stop, if it is not playful, as it detracts from the positive I find in your performance art.

SaveMe Oh: Yes mother

San: Well said ~ perhaps could be sent in an IM?

SaveMe Oh: And miss all the drama???? Are you crazy????

Gazelle.falconer: It left a bad taste in my mouth Save

Clairwil Oh: No, it would be pointless to send it in an IM. But I’m taking off now, if my ears burn, lol, I’ll go check the blog. 🙂

Simba Sparrow: Clair are you their mom?

SaveMe Oh: She doesnt like people to know that, please respect that

Kharne Sagan: But you told everyone

Clairwil Oh: puts on her spectacles and takes her medication out of the weekly pack.

SaveMe Oh: This is not private IM OMG

ColeMarie Soleil: The only reason she gets your attention is you allow yourself to be eaten up by petty online squabbles over personas when you don’t even know the actual person. That goes for anyone online. You get what you give out. You nurture what you feed. Her thing works because everyone is super uptight and over dramatic often. Who cares what people think is art. Like what you like. The art scene here is super insular and back patting to begin with. Just make what inspires you and stop being caught up in the silly shit that doesn’t matter.

PatriciaAnne Daviau: yeah what Colie said….

Gazelle Falconer: A few years ago Saveme Oh had a show that had suddenly appearing, rapidly flashing very black and very white stripes and I, because my younger sister had petit mal and such could send her into a seizure just wanted a warning posted and Saveme Oh took that as censorship and ranted about it.

SaveMe Oh: No more people who want to blame me for everything? Now you have your chance?

3 thoughts on “Fighting In The Lobby

  1. SaveMe – we know you know, consciously or unconsciously, that you’ve been acting foolish lately… misogynistic, offensive, flippant, insensitive, not thoughtful. And for the wrong reasons. So here’s the thing. You need to be taught a lesson, and several people are orchestrating it. It’s going to happen outside your performance at some point tomorrow. It won’t involve physical violence, but it will be highly embarrassing. I can’t tell you when or what specifically, of course, but you have two options. Stay offline and renounce your work, or accept the lesson and the embarrassment, which many people are craving to see you face at this point anyway. No going back now. That is all.

    – SaveMe Oh’s regret Committee

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