Dead On A Plate

Casanova Rehula: Hello SaveMe, may I ask you something?

SaveMe Oh: Yes?

Casanova Rehula: Is this project in Two Fish related to immersiva anyhow? Of  Bryn Oh?

SaveMe Oh: Rose and Bryn work together is some projects, so yes.

Casanova Rehula: Good to know, ty. But you are not an alt of Bryn, are you? I am just curious, ’cause it’s enjoyment – all of your works

SaveMe Oh: She would wish. I hate her Harry Potter stuff

Casanova Rehula: lol

SaveMe Oh: Her alt is Cica Ghost, who is even more awful.

Casanova Rehula: lol

Casanova Rehula: Thank you, now I know the official standpoint. I hate Harry Potter myself too, the movie.

SaveMe Oh: Better don’t tell Bryn as she hasn’t any sense of humor.

Casanova Rehula: But no idea what Bryn made out of it

Casanova Rehula: lol

Casanova Rehula: Neither have I

SaveMe Oh: Then don’t say lol all the time

Casanova Rehula: But I use those who have so that I can laugh, just kidding 🙂

SaveMe Oh: Well with Rose and Bryn better don’t laugh, as they are busy to save the world with sheep.

Casanova Rehula: But you’re partner of Rose. How can you speak that of her?

SaveMe Oh: Love doesn’t mean I have to love her sheep

Casanova Rehula: lol

SaveMe Oh: I am allergic to animals anyway, unless they are dead on a plate.

3rd rezday 1

Casanova Rehula: Fish is an animal though

Casanova Rehula: My most difficult situation was when I fell for a lesbian woman, could not get properly fit a long while after that. I guess you are one of them

SaveMe Oh: Call medical assistance.

Casanova Rehula: A psychotherapist possibly, I thought about it but when you fall for someone your heart doesn’t care for her sexual orientation, so I guess I am healthy

SaveMe Oh: Rose and Bryn’s sexual orientation goes mainly to sheep, pigs and rabbits

Casanova Rehula: But just stepped on the minefield

SaveMe Oh: Take a few rabbits with you there

Casanova Rehula: I eat rabbits

SaveMe Oh: Then do that before you step on a mine

Casanova Rehula: Okay, I will

SaveMe Oh: You can catch them in the copy Bryn made of AM Radio sim THE FAR AWAY. Her copy is called the Lobby Cam.

2 thoughts on “Dead On A Plate

  1. Saveme’s and mine sexual orientation goes mainly to fish and for Save preferably death ones.
    Do you think I have to go and see a shrink because I fell for a lesbian woman?
    I will never smell the same afterwards:)

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