Casanova’s Mask

Casanova Rehula: OMG, you published my chat with you! Jesus!

SaveMe Oh: As if you didn’t know

Casanova Rehula: Sure I didn’t, but now I do. That was private, how could you?!

SaveMe Oh: Private? What is that?

Casanova Rehula: Just between you and me.

SaveMe Oh: And who are you?

Casanova Rehula: A person.

SaveMe Oh: A nobody, and chats with nobody’s can’t be private

Casanova Rehula: I am not nobody. I am me.

SaveMe Oh: Everybody is a me so you won’t be detected. And you can always use the next alt.

Casanova Rehula: Not a good move.

SaveMe Oh: Why not, nobody knows this avi, so no problem

Casanova Rehula: I avoid any publicity. And you should have asked me for permission.

SaveMe Oh: And why you avoid any publicity??? Snob!

Casanova Rehula: I am not snob and I don’t have to explain why I avoid publicity. I just do.

SaveMe Oh: Just like me. One advice for someone who wants to avoid publicity, don’t call yourself Casanova. Snob!

Casanova Rehula: You are not in position to give me such an advice.

SaveMe Oh: Just watch me what position I am in.

Casanova Rehula: I gave me this name 7 years ago, a lot has changed since then. If you talk about the true Casanova – he also escaped publicity followed by the royal prosecutors.

SaveMe Oh: Well my post will not stop you from being able fucking around unnoticed.

Casanova Rehula: But it will lower you in my mind.

SaveMe Oh: Try wearing a mask

Casanova Rehula: And I don’t fuck. Well, … almost not.

SaveMe Oh: Then the royal prosecutors will be without a job.

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