The Massacre Of The SaveMe’s By People Who Couldn’t Handle The Penises

King Herod needed his massacre of the innocents to eliminate a possible future king, Kiana Writer took her measures by killing almost all SaveMe’s on forehand to be sure the real queen would not enter the new game of Unia.

When I, in my innocence, visited the sim on the day of the opening and offered a free concerto to celebrate the achievement it didn’t took long before Kiana Writers new watchdoggies were send to me.

Total Toccata

Rikka Koi: Sorry SaveMe, this is a moderate sim.

SaveMe Oh: Killing is moderate?

SaveMe Oh: Good new doggie you have Kiana.

Kiana Writer: She’s amazing. And I loved the show; sadly people couldn’t handle the penises

SaveMe Oh: Penises are always much more offensive than killing people

Kiana Writer: It’s a strange world we live in. I do like penises, but rules are rules.

So today I went in with my other SaveMe who escaped the yellow star!


Marlin Tremor: Playing the game?

SaveMe Ordinary: Of course not, I hate Candy Crush or Farmville

Marlin Tremor: lol, me too

SaveMe Ordinary: This scenery I have seen a thousand times in SL, seems an exact copy of the Crack Den

Marlin Tremor: Yes

SaveMe Ordinary: I think I am their biggest nightmare; they have already banned 10+ SaveMe’s


Marlin Tremor: lol

SaveMe Ordinary: And they say they love horror, I think it’s a bunch of pussies here.


It seems that people whose own minds still work are kept away at Unia as they might obstruct the money machine, as it’s clearly the goal to sell as much huds as possible before the masses get bored and demand a new game. And that moment will not take long as the tasteless scenery copied from all sims we seen before in SL will not keep people awake very long. Again the faded gas stations and obvious trailer parks behind barbwire. For sure all the stuff was for sale on marketplace. Or did they make a deal with the Crack Den sim to take over their old stuff?

The standstill, as we saw also when Bryn Oh copied The Far Away from AM Radio for her Lobby Cam has start to be the real killer. Slowly they all try to turn us into consumers to drag the last money out of us before doomsday arrives.

I also better start to sell my stuff before it is too late.

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