SaveMe Oh Can Cause Brain Seizures

On a monday night I am always in the mood to help out my friend DD when she is performing her music, even when it means I have to do my job between dwarfs, fairy’s, unicorns and magic mushrooms. But these sweet looking fairytale figures have a bad attitude.


Sandar Gausman: Hi Save, could you tone it down a little bit? There are only a few people so far.

DD: SaveMe when u look around this place you can imagine what will happen when u do your artwork

SaveMe Oh: Yes, and when I look around I almost have to puke but let’s start easy on them.

DD: Ok

SaveMe Oh: Until ban do us part

DD: Let’s see maybe they have never seen it and are open for it. The place is called Creation Park so :))

SaveMe Oh: Normally that means their own creations only

Barbie Alchemi: I can understand that you like these visual effects with your music, but I am getting complaints from some people

SaveMe Oh: Tell them to close their eyes or go fuck themselves to put it more popular.

Barbie Alchemi: This is not what we want for our sim. We do not allow light shows until it is planned in advance, and then we have a special performance location for that. I know SaveMe Oh is your friend and I would like you to ask her to stop. If she does not I will be forced to ban her from the sim, I am aware she has been banned from other locations for this reason.

SaveMe Oh: until ban do us part

DD: 🙂

Barbie Alchemi: I have been getting too many complaints about your light show, I am sorry, but I must ask you to stop your light show please. Our sim is built in love for people with Parkinson’s and other disabilities. This type of show is very dangerous for their brains; it is my duty to protect their health. This type of show can cause brain seizures.

Digital turbulence

2 thoughts on “SaveMe Oh Can Cause Brain Seizures

  1. You do realize what she said about seizures and particle shows is absolutely correct right? I assume you stopped when she informed you?

    • Of course not. People with a disability are not idiots. They are able enough themselves to mute and derender things. When people start to decide for them, then we have a real problem.

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