Like Flies To A Pile Of Shit

After Solo Mornington smelled blood it didn’t took long or also other creeps from the recent past felt the urge to shit a little on their lost territory again.


Tyrehl Byk: Yeah, I see you’re still here.

SaveMe Oh: I have to. Somebody has to do the job.

Tyrehl Byk: Hahahaha….what job is that?

SaveMe Oh: Being the only artist in SL

Tyrehl Byk: “Only”?

Tyrehl Byk: Are you lonely?

SaveMe Oh: No? You?

Tyrehl Byk: I’m the same as I’ve always been…only more so.

SaveMe Oh: OMG, I have that too

Tyrehl Byk: Have what?

SaveMe Oh: I’m the same as I’ve always been…only more so.

Tyrehl Byk: Grins. So is it time for a change?  Should it be so?

SaveMe Oh: Why? Change is so overrated.

Tyrehl Byk: Why?

SaveMe Oh: Because change doesn’t mean better. Change is actually a commercial marketing tool to make you keep on buying.

Tyrehl Byk: Of course not, but does that mean ALL change isn’t important? What if a particular change is subtle and not gross?

SaveMe Oh: Speak for yourself

Tyrehl Byk: I am. And it is me who is asking the question.

SaveMe Oh: Yes but you don’t define the question as always. When you would ask them more precise I could answer them. But your questions are always so in general that is leaves the person who has to answer it guessing what you exactly mean.

Tyrehl Byk: Why do you continue to be here?

SaveMe Oh: Because I love to make things and have encounters with people from all over the world. Because it’s perfect for a certain part of my creativity and because the tool is great. And because I am very good at it.

Tyrehl Byk: What would have to occur for you to begin to dispel any of your belief in those values?

SaveMe Oh: You will be the first to know when it occurs.

Tyrehl Byk: You didn’t answer the question.

SaveMe Oh: It’s a stupid question again.

Tyrehl Byk: It is not.

SaveMe Oh: Yes, what would have to occur for you to stop eating? Etc. Silly!

Tyrehl Byk: I would stop eating if I desired death.

SaveMe Oh: Do you desire death?

Tyrehl Byk: I don’t intend to allow you to divert the readers of this from the question I first asked you and which you’ve chosen to ignore.

SaveMe Oh: As always, ask clear questions if you want an answer, ask your suggestive questions if you prefer actually to answer them yourself.

Tyrehl Byk: What would have to occur for you to begin to dispel any of your belief in those values? Or is it possible that you’ve forgotten the context in which I first asked you that question?

SaveMe Oh: I would lose my beliefs for example when it turned out that the hobbit really existed. Is that an answer to your question?

Tyrehl Byk: Who is “the hobbit” and how is it you enter that non sequitur into this conversation…I really thought that this would end up in your blog.

SaveMe Oh: I want to show you why your question is so silly.

Tyrehl Byk: And how did you accomplish that? Or have you?

SaveMe Oh: I don’t know if you are smart enough to get it

Tyrehl Byk: Try me.

SaveMe Oh: I did, but the result isn’t hopeful

Tyrehl Byk: Try again, please.

SaveMe Oh: You only like to hear your own talking

Tyrehl Byk: That is not certain.

SaveMe Oh: And you prefer to answer your own questions

Tyrehl Byk: Name one that was asked and answered by me.

SaveMe Oh: This one: What would have to occur for you to begin to dispel any of your belief in those values?

Tyrehl Byk: And my answer to that?

SaveMe Oh: This one you prefer to answer yourself because you have your answer already. You have made your mind up already. That makes your questions ridiculous.

Tyrehl Byk: By you’ve suggested that I’ve answered it for myself, was the one to honestly ask the question and waited for your response.

SaveMe Oh: You are not waiting for an answer. You have no real interest in me. You are only irritated

Tyrehl Byk: That is not true. That is only your belief. You believe that you know my intent.

SaveMe Oh: I am not a believer

Tyrehl Byk: That is not the same as knowing my intent.

SaveMe Oh: Believing is for idiots

Tyrehl Byk: Believing is for those who are insecure. That doesn’t mean that they are idiots.

SaveMe Oh: When believing is the result of being insecure they are true idiots. When they are insecure without searching for a belief I can save them. How can I save you?

Tyrehl Byk: Only an insecure person would suggest equivalence between stupidity and ignorance. Most lonely despots believe that they are saviours.

SaveMe Oh: The question was, how can I save you?

Tyrehl Byk: Why is it you would assume that I would consider myself as someone who needs to be saved?

SaveMe Oh: Because you are so desperate

Tyrehl Byk: How can you prove that?

SaveMe Oh: Why did you come back? To torture yourself?

Tyrehl Byk: I find this place to be an interesting place to visit on occasion…it has many pleasures and tortures to experience.

SaveMe Oh: Now that was a clear answer, hooray

Tyrehl Byk: In short…I visit to learn.

SaveMe Oh: Great. And you know what? You learn better when you try not to be a pretentious dick.

4 thoughts on “Like Flies To A Pile Of Shit

  1. Why did people in SL decide that art is a competition or a game to be played- solving a puzzle. All of a sudden there were “gallery owners” and “Sim Givers” to those who applied to sanction what you do and have it end up in the Destination Guide. I only hope that there are people still in SL that do not give a fuck and do not care about the middle=class values about art. I still make stuff.

  2. Are you really so desperate for attention that you need to post our conservation from yesterday? I can’t remember when I last visited SL, and now I did it’s put in your blog.

    The SL construct doesn’t hold the same interest for me as an artist that it once did.

    SaveMe Oh, you appear to be a lonely girl. In that state you have my sympathy.


  3. Yeah the particle fussbudget returns….temporarily. Money and time are regulators in this ephemeral space.

    How long does it take for someone like me to go absent from the Second Life virtual space before SaveMe Oh decides it is enough to bring attention to her blog? I guess it will be never, as I need the attention even more than she does because without her I do not exist!


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