No Piece Of Cake For Me


SaveMe Oh: Why am I banned from SL12B??? Can you ask your boss?

Mikati Slade: You banned from SL12B? Omg. I thought so!!

SaveMe Oh: From the entire region

Mikati Slade: Oh wow

SaveMe Oh: Tell you boss to unban me now

Mikati Slade: It means you are so famous. I think it’s one of your big medals. I won’t take it from you!

SaveMe Oh: I don’t want to know what you think, I want you to tell your boss to unban me so we can have cake together

Mikati Slade: Boss don’t move by anyone

SaveMe Oh: You do your best

Mikati Slade: You can talk with him directly. It’s the best way

SaveMe Oh: Or tell him you remove everything because you love to have me there

Mikati Slade: Hahaha. Are you serious?

SaveMe Oh: Of course. Isn’t it stupid I can’t visit you? You think that’s normal?

Mikati Slade: If you are serious, please talk with Doctor Gasoligne. Just talk with boss is my policy. I am not the boss of SLB

SaveMe Oh: When you were banned at my sim I would never accept it

Mikati Slade: So talking with me wont worth for you

SaveMe Oh: Hey, you work for a dictator so you are part of it too.

Mikati Slade: Talking with boss is most democratic way!

SaveMe Oh: No, it’s the way of a slave

Mikati Slade: But I think you have many alts. No problem for you I think

SaveMe Oh: My alts don’t like you

Mikati Slade: Oh really?

SaveMe Oh: It’s just me

Mikati Slade: Anyway Doctor Gasoligne (not sure the spelling) he will hear you I think

SaveMe Oh: Doctor Gasoline. I like that.

Mikati Slade: You are my favourite artist

SaveMe Oh: You could be mine too if I was able to see your work

Mikati Slade: When I saw your performance, I surprised that you already did what I was dreaming. So I am thinking we have some similarity

SaveMe Oh: We are one, that’s why you have to think first

Mikati Slade: But you already visited SLB with another your alt, right?

SaveMe Oh: Why would I? To do what?

Mikati Slade: To see the cake.

SaveMe Oh: Watch things? Why should I do that? I can see the pictures too

Mikati Slade: No SaveMe! Its huge, pictures don’t talk well

SaveMe Oh: That’s why you should always make sure I am not banned

Mikati Slade: You are trying to be banned yourself as your mission lol

SaveMe Oh: No I am not. What’s the fun of being banned? I don’t know

Mikati Slade: You are joking

SaveMe Oh: No I am not. I hate it to be banned. You think people like it to be locked up?

Mikati Slade: No but if no one banned you, then your story will not completed

SaveMe Oh: that’s not my choice

SaveMe Oh: I prefer never to be banned

Mikati Slade: it’s really a big joke

SaveMe Oh: I could be performing now in your cake but they don’t allow me. That’s not funny

Mikati Slade: You can do that with alt then

SaveMe Oh: I can’t. My alts are not performers. You also let your cake been build by alts?

Mikati Slade: You are thinking I am a kid

SaveMe Oh: You talk like one now

Mikati Slade: I don’t trust your joking

SaveMe Oh: I am not joking. I sincerely dislike banning. I hate dictators. I hate simowners who think they can tell what we have to do. That’s no joke. I love drama, that’s true too

Mikati Slade: Doctor Gasoligne won’t move by me

SaveMe Oh: Have you tried?

Mikati Slade: But he is a nice guy, you can negotiate him

SaveMe Oh: A lot of dictators are nice guys. That’s how power works. Be nice for some and you rule the world.

Mikati Slade: If you are serious, then you won’t care me. Because I am not the boss

SaveMe Oh: Because I don’t care about your boss I talk to you.

SaveMe Oh: But I send him just this: Hey unban me from SL12B, Mikati wants me there.

SaveMe Oh: When you also tell him that it would be some help. When you prefer to play the fool also ok, I will never know. Only know that I would leave immediately when you wouldn’t be welcome somewhere. Or better…. create a large drama out of it for the world to know!

Mikati Slade: Everything you say is cool. That’s what I am learning from you. Your English and joking is really great. Of course your art have things to learn also

SaveMe Oh: Now don’t tell me you want to marry me too

Mikati Slade: I think you already married with Rose

SaveMe Oh: For you I would divorce her

Mikati Slade: Omg she will hate me

SaveMe Oh: Yes, she is extremely jealous

Mikati Slade: I know you love her

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