We’ve Got Him

I have found the fugitive, hiding in his cabin in the woods, still in his travelling clothes so he could escape again every second.


Solo Mornington: Howdy.

SaveMe Oh: Cold?

Solo Mornington: Travelling clothes.

SaveMe Oh: Still on the run?

Solo Mornington: Just travelling.

SaveMe Oh: To where?

Solo Mornington: Here and there across the American west.

Solo Mornington: So what brings you to Stinson?

SaveMe Oh: Searching the fugitive. You already resigned from LEA?

Solo Mornington: What do you mean about ‘the fugitive?’

SaveMe Oh: Somebody who hides after making a mistake and don’t want to take consequences

Solo Mornington: That’d be you.

SaveMe Oh: Who is so attached to the pluche of the dictator’s chair that he can’t let go. Who think LEA will disappear without him. Let it go.

Solo Mornington: Heh. You really have no idea or at least can’t admit that you do. So let’s get back to this idea of consequences. What have you ever risked?

SaveMe Oh: Don’t change the subject.

Solo Mornington: Coward.

SaveMe Oh: Your sad philosophies we already know. They go on for hours

Solo Mornington: You know you haven’t risked anything ever.

SaveMe Oh: You think a griefer like you can be LEA’s dictator?

Solo Mornington: I think you don’t know what it means to risk anything.

SaveMe Oh: Changing the subject again. You take whatever risk you want after leaving LEA

Solo Mornington: You seem to be saying that I *shouldn’t* take risks.

SaveMe Oh: I don’t care what you do.

Solo Mornington: If only that were true.

Solo Mornington: I mean, it’s not like you’re at my house.

SaveMe Oh: I only think somebody like you should not be LEA’s dictator. For the rest you do whatever you like.

Solo Mornington: Well that’s your opinion and you’re welcome to it.

SaveMe Oh: So when you leave LEA? Or you already did in secret as that the way you guys handle things.

Solo Mornington: Meanwhile the view is pretty nice. The opportunity is here to have a decent conversation. The world is full of potential. You choose to obsess on me. Make up a bunch of theories about stuff you know nothing about.

SaveMe Oh: No you choose to restrict my freedom for years, not more than logic I fight against that

Solo Mornington: yah, because you’re an abusive person.

SaveMe Oh: You see… I rest my case. There we go again.

Solo Mornington: Yup. Because it’s true. Simple fact.

SaveMe Oh: If I am or not, it’s simply not your business

Solo Mornington: Well, yes it is.

SaveMe Oh: Why? When you abuse something it’s ok, and when I do I have to be sentenced for years?

Solo Mornington: I mean, you’re sitting in the house I built.

SaveMe Oh: And? When you don’t want people here hide it.

Solo Mornington: So you’d label what I did as abuse?

SaveMe Oh: I don’t, I label it as interaction. You could also give me the same freedom, but no. You have to lock me out. Take the chair of the almighty one who decides.

Solo Mornington: So it’s ‘abuse’ when it suits you, ‘interaction’ when it suits you.

SaveMe Oh: For me it’s never abuse

Solo Mornington: Then why did you call it abuse?

SaveMe Oh: But you categorise things in that way

Solo Mornington: You said I was abusive. But then you say it’s ‘interactin.’

SaveMe Oh: It’s what people say who you have abused as the LEA dictator. In general. I am a performance artist, I don’t care. I only would hope you would do something better

Solo Mornington: Oh but you do. That’s your central critique of what I did.

SaveMe Oh: As it was so ugly what you did

Solo Mornington: It’s what you do. Same thing. What I did was a critique of your interventions and your general assholiness.

SaveMe Oh: But I am the artist and you the dictator.Thats a difference

Solo Mornington: According to you.

SaveMe Oh: You limit artists

Solo Mornington: Yah, I broke your expectation of me. boo hoo.No, I limit *you.*

SaveMe Oh: But after your resignation I will offer you a workshop how to be a better artist as even you should be able to be a better primgluer if that what you desire

Solo Mornington: You mean how to be a petulant crybaby? I’ve been getting a masterclass in that.

SaveMe Oh: Lucky you. Now be open to it

Solo Mornington: I was. For quite a while. Then you crossed all the lines of proportionality.

SaveMe Oh: Leave LEA and I might take you as a trainee. Even you have the right to be saved by me.

Solo Mornington: How about you try this on: learn from being banned. Pretend for a moment that I know something you don’t. Because I do.

SaveMe Oh: You are so old-fashioned, as the most famous artist of SL only a pocket of resistance of some idiots still ban me. Show your big heart and admit your mistake.

Solo Mornington: So. Demonstrates lack of humility. Got it. Ok. Time for lunch. Have fun sitting alone on my porch.

SaveMe Oh: Eat your ego, might liberate you.

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