The Deep Hole Of A Burning Boy Scout

Slatan Dryke: Hello and happy Sunday

SaveMe Oh: The park rangers have finished church. Here is one of the idiots. Meet Slatan

Slatan Dryke: I am glad you having fun

SaveMe Oh: No you or not. You hate it when people have fun. Look how the idiot is dressed: playing boy scout again.


Slatan Dryke: Now would you be so kind to stop this not authorized show?

SaveMe Oh: This is not a show

Mikati Slade: I hate ppl when they are enjoying?

Slatan Dryke: What is it?

SaveMe Oh: Mikati and I are having an artist meeting

Mikati Slade: Yes.

SaveMe Oh: So please don’t interrupt.

Mikati Slade: This is the best show in this Burn event.

SaveMe Oh: Go save a deer or rabbit.

Slatan Dryke: Ok that’s great, there are other places where to have your meeting.

Mikati Slade: Many ponies are the audiences

Slatan Dryke: So again please stop it, poor ponies.

SaveMe Oh: How was church this morning?


Slatan Dryke: For the last time, shut down this please.

SaveMe Oh: Is that an ultimatum? On what grounds?

Slatan Dryke: It’s not an ultimatum, dear. It’s a gentle request

SaveMe Oh: Slatan go back to your church or boy scouts cabin and leave Mikati and me in peace

Slatan Dryke: Who are you to tell me what I have to do?

SaveMe Oh: Or make a campfire here, also good. As ranger for sure you know how to make a campfire. Go catch us a fish.

Slatan Dryke: I do and you?

SaveMe Oh: Mikati and I may become hungry after our art meeting


Mikati Slade: The ponies are getting afraid.

SaveMe Oh: They might think Slatan is going to slaughter them

Slatan Dryke: I love the animals. I just hate the idiots.

SaveMe Oh: Don’t you call Mikati an idiot!

Slatan Dryke: Not at all, in general talking. I guess you do too

Mikati Slade: I am worried if ppl think I am an idiot when I built full blight huge thing first time

but after I felt safe because SaveMe is there I got to know

Slatan Dryke: Good for you Mikati. You have all my respect and I love your buildings. The cake stage is a masterpiece.

SaveMe Oh: You have yourself a boy scout admirer, Mikati!

Mikati Slade: What you mean? I am not a Christian.

SaveMe Oh: Haha, the boy scout loves you.

Slatan Dryke: So SaveMe what would you like to do, going on with this unauthorized useless show?

Mikati Slade: Gay ppl seem to love me yes

SaveMe Oh: Haha

Slatan Dryke: Are you saying I am a gay, Mikati?

SaveMe Oh: I think she was

SaveMe Oh: But we love gay people, that’s why we put extra pink in our work.

Mikati Slade: Gay ppl love pink?

SaveMe Oh: Yes, a lot.

Mikati Slade: Oh I see

Slatan Dryke: I hate pink

SaveMe Oh: Because you haven’t had your coming out yet

Slatan Dryke: Yellow is better

SaveMe Oh: And still dress up as a boy scout. That is a gay in denial.

Slatan Dryke: Maybe. Not your business in any case. My orientation is not your business.

SaveMe Oh: No, just as I am not of any of your business

Slatan Dryke: Because it could be rude.

SaveMe Oh: Mikati, what were we talking about before this fool arrived?

Slatan Dryke: Fool? Me? Oh dear. Maybe you can convince SaveMe Oh to stop this unauthorized show?


Slatan Dryke ejected you from this land.

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