SaveMe Oh Doing Construction Work In Denver

The SaveMe Oh movie Construction Work will be part of the upcoming Friday Flash No.10 program from Denver Digerati. On a large screen in town at 8.00 PM, july 24th.

FF No10 Poster_SaveMe Oh

If you have no time to go to Denver watch Construction Work here:

Digital Animation NOW!

A program of digital animation in support of the Biennial of the Americas

The Denver Theatre District and Denver Digerati present Digital Animation NOW! the summer’s second Friday Flash program and 10th in the series history on Friday July 24th starting at 8pm at the 14th and Champa St. L.E.D. screen. The program serves as an extension of the 2015 Biennial of the Americas over arching theme of ‘NOW!’ presenting a lively showcase of some of the world’s most innovative and creative digital animation, developed by a wide ranging field of artists with different goals and intentions in mind. The program is a natural fit as a follow up to the focus week festivities of the Biennial, which features a trio of artists previously presented to the public through Denver Digerati programs, including Canadian artist Jeremy Bailey who is the emcee for the Civic Center Biennial Night on July 17th, and the Denver based team of Laleh Mehran and Chris Coleman, who were previously commissioned by Denver Digerati and will present a multi-dimensional new-media artwork as part of the ‘Now? Now!” exhibition located at the MCA Denver.

Digital Animation NOW! will feature a strong selection of pioneering national and international artists including Claudiamate, Fabrice Le Nezet, V5MT, Baden Pailthorpe, Gregory Bennett, Alfredo Salazar-Caro, Mike Pelletier, Universal Everything, The Rodina, Rashaad Newsome, Scott Gelber, Jonathan Monaghan, Kim Laughton, Ben Wheele, SaveMe Oh, Valentina Tremont, Travis Vermilye, Ben Ridgeway, Nicos Livesey, Hector Lanquin, Peter Burr and more.

Friday, July 24th at 8pm at the 14th and Champa Street LED Screen

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