Only With A Serious Deathwish I Would Consider Stealing From Betty


SaveMe Oh: When you lift my bans?

Betty Tureaud: Where are you banned?

SaveMe Oh: Your sim, Denmark, all your events.

Betty Tureaud: You are only banned under a concert with Ultra.

SaveMe Oh: Is that why you let Ultralight perform every day?

Betty Tureaud: Oh no. I can tell Inge to unban you if you want to go.

SaveMe Oh: Yes tell her. We dont want her to be one of the losers who banned the famous SaveMe Oh.  As all those idiots are the big fools united.

Betty Tureaud: I think she dont care about art

SaveMe Oh: Thats why she should not suffer because of your bad judgement.

Betty Tureaud: I love you but you are a pain in the ass on a opening.

SaveMe Oh: With me an opening can become legendary. Without me an opening is forgotten the next day

Betty Tureaud: Yes thats what i mean

SaveMe Oh: Thats not a pain in  the ass but a gift.

Betty Tureaud: Gift mean poison in Danish

SaveMe Oh: Poisoned gifts are also great for good legends.

Betty Tureaud: I have to say your lates productions have improved

SaveMe Oh: No, they were always good but you were too blind to see.

Betty Tureaud: Smiles

SaveMe Oh: Your productions have unfortunately not improved. Everyone is a copy of the last one. But you have all your SL ahead of you.

Betty Tureaud: lol you are stealing from me

SaveMe Oh: Only when I would have a serious deathwish I would consider stealing from you.

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