Please Connect With My Agent


Hello SaveMe Oh,

Roxy Gellar: I’ll be hosting Morli and DD on Thursday from 1PM to 3PM at Wizards Retreat. You did an incredible job of working with the space when DD and Echo were last there. The My Lil Ponies were incredible.

You are welcome to bring your insanity to this performance. I would like to let our friends know you plan to perform if the Estate ban has been lifted and you are willing to work within the space provided, Wizards Retreat will remain standing during this particular event.

SaveMe Oh: Please connect with my agent.

Roxy Gellar: I think I just did. Lol: Nina Camplin, I hope you can chat with Fuschia & SaveMe and bring us to a middle ground. smile emoticon Say hello to Fuschia when you next see her and thank her again for all she’s done with the Open Sim Wizards.

SaveMe Oh: Fuschia is my agent, please connect with her and discuss the fees

Roxy Gellar: I’d be happy to speak with her. But given the insults you’ve thrown at me in the past? You can come or not come. I’m not paying you.

Maybe you can negotiate with Soundsmith Kamachi next weekend when DD and Echo play there. Or at Dub’s on Monday when they play at that location, but I would guess you’re still banned.

SaveMe Oh: I dont negotiate, contact my agent.


Roxy Gellar: You’re uninvited. Whoever you really are? It’s clear by your behavior on the internet that in reality you’re a very sick person. I feel sorry for you. Always have.

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