Wall Me, Rotate Me

War in the LEA SIMS between neighbours?


Fuschia Nightfire: I noticed they put up a HUGE wall to block out my sim next door

Livio Korobase: Yes your turning things make me dizzy Fuschia and you have put just at border…

SaveMe Oh: OMG, call dr. Phil

Fuschia Nightfire: I didn’t put out a wall to block out your animals

Livio Korobase: You can do if you like

Fuschia Nightfire: I choose not to

Fuschia Nightfire: Your animals are welcome

SaveMe Oh: You better clean both out your sims

Livio Korobase: The problem for me are rotating things, they make me really dizzy

SaveMe Oh: Hey Livio, buy a radio

Livio Korobase: I have a radio already

SaveMe Oh: A screenless radio

Fuschia Nightfire: It does not matter to me Livio that you put up the wall, but maybe  people who come here may be more interested in seeing my installation

SaveMe Oh: Tear down the wall, tear down the wall

Livio Korobase: Move the rotating thing and i have no problems on make a hole

Fuschia Nightfire: Omg, the rotating thing IS the installation. Have you no taste?

Livio Korobase: Is not a problem of taste Fuschia, is a problem of vision

Fuschia Nightfire: The whole sim is inspired by SaveMe’s art

Livio Korobase: Ok, good for Save

SaveMe Oh: That rotating thing?????? OMG!

Fuschia Nightfire: She even gave me the title for the sim

Livio Korobase: She is a good girl, is not in discussion 🙂 But i don’t think she gave you the plan of installation.

Fuschia Nightfire: I have to say i don’t know exactly which rotating thing he is referring to. I have so many rotating things. We need the wall removed

Livio Korobase: The wall remain until you respond to questions

Fuschia Nightfire: I always respond

SaveMe Oh: I think he is afraid your sim might get more populair than his

Fuschia Nightfire: I agree SaveMe

SaveMe Oh: Well, the most populair place in SL is the place where I am

Fuschia Nightfire: Is this guy a real aritst?

SaveMe Oh: I think he would do better as designer of Guantanamo Bay

Fuschia Nightfire: I think you are right

SaveMe Oh: The wall would be an item there

Livio Korobase: Ok, time lost… i tried

Fuschia Nightfire: Walls are barriers, artists fight to break down barriers

Livio Korobase: Fuschia please, don’t talk with me with slogan…

Fuschia Nightfire: Is not me here who is building barriers

Livio Korobase: You do when you put things that make me dizzy, is a big barrier

Fuschia Nightfire: Oh no, you built the huge elephant first, but i did not complain

Livio Korobase: ok, good night people, was useless but I liked.


9 thoughts on “Wall Me, Rotate Me

    • I publish what I consider as good drama, I am not there to publish all you nonsense. Hire a secretary if thats what you need.

  1. You publish what you like to publish without ask consense, is just steal. Try to make your own content, for sure this blog become more interesting. Hire a writer, if you are not able to do and want have a blog.

    • Don’t you realise that I write at the spot or you think you would give your answers without me forcing them out of you?

  2. Maybe this happen in SaveMelandia, but the reality is different. I suggest you a little trick (not invented by me, very old trick in theatre) that can put yourself out of various problems of various nature. You can show your creativity also in copy/paste inventing names of characters. That is not a little work but for sure change the perspective. Besides, this put you out of any sort of griefing bullying accusation, and from possible complaints of defamation. In this manner the post appear a true script and not a sort of obtuse attempt to slander.
    I personally find this kind of post funny, i know that you are doing or at least trying to do “a work”. But the problem are names, also if nicknames. Rear any avatar of SL there is a real person, that can go very angry. Just my idea about this.

    • You go online in a game, choose a fakename and a fake image and want me to care about the person behind it? Go fuck yourself. Ofcourse I mean CIBIGIBI and not the empathic, loving, wise and generous person behind this fake name!

  3. cibigibi is just because i dont want another Livio, you know well who i am in rl and sl. Me for personal choice i don’t hide myself under a nick, but i understand that for many is different, not a problem. So, i don’t understand why you put the accent on this. In anycase, anonymity in Internet is a myth, nick or not. People go crazy about ip numbers as is this was the problem and don’t have idea on how many personal info they leave in Internet. But, nothing to do on this, and is not my problem. I saw what you did in FB, i really appreciate. Maybe you did just for do a bit of adversiting of yourself, that is ok in anycase, but me i look from a different point of view: your personal freedom is important, much more than the grumpyness queen you have created. At least for me.

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