Banned By A Dead Guy

Even a Secondlife ends someday and yesterday Naxos Loon asked me if I knew a certain avatar that had passed away. But the name didn’t ring a bell.

Today on FB and blogs more info about the diseased and about the important work he had done. So I thought I had to visit the place to see at least his legacy but on the large sim I found myself banned, a weird experience.


I IM-ed one of the group members:

SaveMe Oh: Any idea why I am banned here?

WW: No, but I shall see if I can find the reason.

SaveMe Oh: Yes please, can’t remember ever being here before

WW: Alright, after asking around a bit, this is what you need to do: You need to send an IM to Avi Arrow, and ask her if she can lift your ban.

WW: The ban may have happened yesterday, there was a big event here so the security was very sharp.

SaveMe Oh: I was not here yesterday, very strange, but ok, ty.

So I advise all my friends and enemies who intent to die during their secondlife and don’t want me at their funeral or remembrance ceremony to also implement very sharp security measures so no prim or pixel gets hurt unwanted.

Oh wait….don’t stop reading yet. Avi Arrow comes with an answer….

SaveMe Oh: Any idea why I am banned at Natoma?

Avi Arrow: Hello.  Yes, you’re a well documented troll and stalker and your ban was precautionary to prevent you from causing any disturbances at a highly publicized event we held yesterday.

SaveMe Oh: I am a very well documented artist and performer, but let’s not get into that discussion. Will you lift the ban or is it until dead do us part?

Avi Arrow: People come here to build and create and to learn. You are primarily not welcome here as your activities are to troll and cause havoc. You call it art, I call it harassment.  You’ll need to find another area to stalk.

4 thoughts on “Banned By A Dead Guy

  1. Hey that’s funny hehehe. I used to be banned at Natoma. The library of prims is there. So is The Man Statue. Lol. It’s all mostly Linden owned land. Contact support hehehe

    • I suppose it’s better than being a unflushed turd clogging up the toilet that is Second Life. Hey, hit the handle on yaself lol. Head off to the great water treatment plant in the sky! Hehehehe

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