Rotten Tuna

Nobody spreads the old hippie feel so much as Tuna Oddfellow. All the effects he uses must have been tested on their hallucination qualities on the holy scale of LSD.

Proudly he expresses in his Secondlife profile: “Guild Leader of Tunaverse Immortalis.  Want to join our guild and play with us?” and  “I will continue to spread my voice to fight for creators rights in virtual worlds. “ But on his 10th rezday he must have forgotten his hippie roots and ying and yang mantra’s and also sold his soul to the big idols wannabe artists show as somebody was filming him. OMG, he was maybe getting in the movies?????

Were I could jam freely with him in past events, tonight, when my friend DD performed in his sim Tuna the Selfkicker wanted all the attention only for himself and everybody else was reduced into a prop.

When I started celebrating with him the grumpy old man came out…..

Tuna Oddfellow): Please stop the effects, I am being filmed.

SaveMe Oh: Well, must be your lucky day then, filmed together with me.

And then he banned me.

SaveMe Oh: Never thought you were an ego tripper.

Tuna Oddfellow: I asked you nicely. You ignored me.

SaveMe Oh: You should have told the world you are the only one allowed to express himself. Another big fake unmasked. A pity. Turning into a policeman on your 10th rezday, you should be ashamed of yourself.

For a moment I could go back with a little protest before he banned me completely.


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