Did You Miss Me?

Often I am asked why I leave the poor avatars in Secondlife for long periods alone as they so much depend on me to enlighten their sad and boring virtual lives. It is because my real life adventures take time too. By sharing these real life adventures now I hope I will create some understanding by the demanding virtual crowds who want to be entertained and kept busy by me all the time.

Here are my holiday pics:

The blamegame

The blame game.

Monkey diner

Monkey diner.

Diva in Denver

Denver Diva

FF No10 Poster_SaveMe Oh

Short clip of my machinima CONSTRUCTION WORK shown as a part of the Denver Digerati Friday Flash # 10 program on 24 July 2015 in Denver, Colorado, USA.

Keep it rolling

Keep it rolling,

Meating of the heads of state

Meeting with the heads of state.

Millenium Park Chicago

Me and my sis cooling down in the Millenium Park.



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