Surfing On The Shitstream Of My Fame


Once in a while nobodies who have crossed a moment in time my virtual path can’t resist to let me know how desperate they are for some extra attention after have sunken back in the deep hole of nothingness.

SaveMe Oh: That desperate?

Jumpman Lane: Just saying hi turd. What you dont got any manners anymore

SaveMe Oh: Did everybody else finally flushed you?

Jumpman Lane: it would help ART WISE if you came up with sumfin origional instead of just copying folks hehehehehe. didnt i tell u to flush urself the otherday

SaveMe Oh: Be glad you can read your name somewhere in my slipstream.

Jumpman Lane: well you type the stuff heheheh im just glad you spell my name right JUMPMAN LANEnot JUMPMAN LITTLEBOOTS hehehehe

SaveMe Oh: Unfortunately the Linden killed Littleboots

Jumpman Lane: Awww damn i wonder why. whatcha doing im cuddling a lil blonde poodle. oh anywas turd, somebody told me u were famous now: so we naturally need to interview you. so dont be tardy this time lol. and maybe we will actually run it

SaveMe Oh: As the most famous artist of SL I have better things to do.

Jumpman Lane: Bryn Oh is the most famous artist in sl hehehe

SaveMe Oh: Bryn Oh is a Harry Potter fetisjist. Maybe you 2 can fuck a rabbit together

Jumpman Lane: oh lol i unno what that ,means luck for me im cuddling a dutch poodle. who dont like harry potter. ur a turd

SaveMe Oh: I hate it

Jumpman Lane: ur a commie. harry potter rox. well bye turd lol

SaveMe Oh: Bye honey RIP

Jumpman Lane: oh im alive and kicking TurdMe Ho alive and kicking

SaveMe Oh: Alive???? Kicking???? When???? Where????

Jumpman Lane: here in sl foool

SaveMe Oh: Somebody is aware of that?

Jumpman Lane: im famous fool

SaveMe Oh: Where? In Roanoke? Or what was the name of that shithole?

Jumpman Lane: well there too but in SL

Jumpman Lane:

SaveMe Oh: I only read my own stuff, you nitwit. 2011???? Hahahahah. Well at least is from this century.

Jumpman Lane: ur too old to be that silly. we still here fool

SaveMe Oh: Dont you have to prepare hamburgers?

Jumpman Lane: yup lol

SaveMe Oh: Then go to work instead wasting my time

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