I Paid So I Am The Boss

Roxy Gellar: SaveMe, I supported your efforts. I would love to host you again. But that doesn’t seem possible in the foreseeable future. There are so many people who are suffering in ignorance and have not been exposed to your work! They need to know just what a loss they are suffering. I already know.

Best of luck. Oh one last thing, why should I pay for space to host events, advertise these events and then allow you to insult what I’ve created while you benefit from the expense I pay? Seems in your infinite superiority you should be able to force your vision anywhere you like.

My humble parcel is hardly worthy of your attention.  There are full sim venues that should be at your disposal. I can’t wait to see you post of your coming tour of them!

Hail the pig

SaveMe Oh: Dear Roxy, I don’t do tours, I don’t attend venues and I don’t blame people who choose to waist their money on sims. I am just a simple artist who has to make art in freedom. When you think you are the one who can decide if I can see concerts of my friends or not you are obstructing my freedom, nothing more, nothing less. Dictatorships have to be challenged.

Roxy Gellar: Peace be with you, SaveMe! I hope you find the freedom you seek. I dont find it, I make sure I get it to fight dictatorships

SaveMe Oh: You dont want to share, you want to own

Roxy Gellar: I see. Well, good luck with that. If I find any dictators I’ll make sure to send them your way.

SaveMe Oh: You are the dictator and you know I am speaking about you. Does it feel good to play stupid?

Roxy Gellar:  Dictator? I wish! No, I’m a rather unimportant small part of the whole. I would like to have the power you project and imagine I have. I could do so much good with it.

SaveMe Oh: No, you failed even on this small part, thats the sad thing about it. People with no power who feel the need to get it in a virtual world. You could be wild, crazy and inspiring but you choose to copy the real sad world

Roxy Gellar:  You must be right. Though I can’t imagine how. I’m glad we have time to spend trying to understand each other. I do have some things to do. But I have a little time at the moment. Please continue. I’d love to try to understand what it is you believe.

SaveMe Oh: SL offer us to do what we want, then why some feel the need to tell others what they can or cant do? You have all the tools to only see what you want.

Roxy Gellar: That is awful if you feel so oppressed. When did you start feeling others were telling you what to do?

SaveMe Oh: I have no pity on myself, I am used to it. But I feel sad that a world were art could be really free is obstructed by narrowminded people like you who think they have to play police.

Who still have to protect their silly lands and ownerships.

Roxy Gellar: Narrow minded? Well I try not to be. So many other venues and Estates! You might want to consider all those who haven’t heard your message. I have! Thank you so much, SaveMe!

SaveMe Oh: I think you are one of the army of idiots who keeps us away from true freedom. Luckely my name is SaveMe so I will do my best to change that

Roxy Gellar:  Did you know Whirli Placebo plays at B&B every week? I bet they would love to hear what you have to say and host your vision as well! Have they had the opportunity to learn from you yet?

SaveMe Oh: Whirli, DD, Morlita would love to have as much opportunity as possible to work together. But idiots like you are keeping us away from each other

Roxy Gellar:  Did Burn 2 do something disappoiinting that you are no longer gracing them with your vision?

SaveMe Oh: Burn 2 I fight already long before you were even born. Those are even worse as they are backed by fundamental christian organisations.

Roxy Gellar: So you’ll contact B&B? And continue at the other Burn whatever? That’s awesome! Oh you were on some other region that caled itself Burn as well. Everyone is Burn

SaveMe Oh:As if I care were I perform? When a place is empty its good for me

Roxy Gellar: So I have 10 minutes left. Anything else you’d like to talk about?

SaveMe Oh: No, I hope you stop one moment pretending to be stupid.

6 thoughts on “I Paid So I Am The Boss

  1. ur a turd hehehehehe you shpuld know by now there is no freedom on someone else’s dime and to quit trading around with saps, their land manager flunkies and their security bots! :p

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