Josef K. – Portrait Of A Virtual Groupie

As the most famous artist of secondlife you have to deal with all kind of groupies even if some of them became friends. But as those friends come from a political correct background they will tell you in secret that you are the only artist that matter for them but in public they will deny that. They prefer to pretend they have a broad interest in all kinds of art and artists, just to avoid haters of SaveMe Oh will call them minions, acolytes, disciples or groupies.


My dear friend Josef K. only loves me but to camouflage that he owns a megalomaniac museum filled with all kind of shit, just to mask the fact that it would be his ultimate wet dream to fill everything with my work.

My dear friend Glasz DeCuir is suffering from the same disease. Every day she is fighting the fact that she is a complete groupie and obsessed with SaveMe Oh. It must be hard for the sweetheart to realise that only her films that contain the image of me are successful.

Together the two were struggling with a puzzle how to pay the ultimate tribute to me without being accused of blind admiration and for that they made together a 23 minutes during movie of endless virtual shit on virtual walls to be able to include some of my work.

Well, dear Glasz and Josef, when you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen and let it to the pro’s.

In case you are in search for a deadly tranquilizer try this for 23 minutes:

In case you want to see the essence of things, watch this and find enlightenment in just 2 minutes:

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