Sister Talk


Clairwil Oh: Did you save a nice chat log of the event?

SaveMe Oh: No, they all love me. So….dreadful drama. They found a way to finish me; LOVE!

Clairwil Oh: That will truly be the end of SaveMe.

SaveMe Oh: I need desperately new enemies. The old ones, I killed them all.

Clairwil Oh: Oh, I have faith that you will perhaps soon make enemies of your new friends. And then you will be on top again.

SaveMe Oh: Yes but you as a very old friend are not a promotion for that thought.

Clairwil Oh: True. Well…I cannot be friend or enemy, I can only be a sister, and we all know about how that works.

SaveMe Oh: Better tell that to Bryn…sigh

Clairwil Oh: SaveMe, I will go back to the gothic place where I am lurking moodily with an alt. As you know, I play all alone in my lonely way.

SaveMe Oh: Yes, better leave me alone.

Clairwil Oh: But what are your feelings today? Tonight?

SaveMe Oh: Tonight was great

Clairwil Oh: (I dare to ask, but I think I know)

SaveMe Oh: Of course. What else would you expect?

Clairwil Oh: And of course you are depressed and tired about that.

SaveMe Oh: Deeply.

Clairwil Oh: There is nothing more depressing than attention.

SaveMe Oh: I hate attention. I barely can handle it

Clairwil Oh: Exhausting. Bewildering. And threatening

SaveMe Oh: And you know I do everything to disappear in the background

Clairwil Oh: After a lot of work to achieve something, when it is over, it is the worst feeling of despair. You wonder WHY did I do this?

SaveMe Oh: Why it was me in the OH family who had to be named SaveMe?

Clairwil Oh: (let’s that remark sink into oblivion). Fate. Just…Fate, that bitch. Shakes a fist at the Fates! (all three of them)

SaveMe Oh: We should kick daddy

Clairwil Oh: That bearded, fat, perverted Creator should be banned from this universe. To “Jove-ial” for my tastes.

SaveMe Oh: We are doomed and you are the only one happy about that.

Clairwil Oh: Too too true. But we can laugh and say that we do not care.

SaveMe Oh: We will continue to be strong. Somebody has to do the job

Clairwil Oh: Sometimes strength can, ironically, be the weakness. I am learning to bend a little to the demands made. To perhaps survive? But maybe I don’t wish to do this. As I grow older, I may return to being angry. And strong. Survival is not all it is cracked up to be.

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