The Female Voice

Doc Grun: I am looking for the best app to change a man’s voice to a womans in real time for recording audio files.  I have tried voxal and NCH, they sound like pigmies at best, and very electronic, no matter how much fiddling you do. Any suggestions?

SaveMe Oh: Date a woman!


Doc Grun: Wonderful thanks so much for that.

SaveMe Oh: I see you have a partner, Emerald Grun, or is that also a man? Otherwise you could ask her

Doc Grun: Well I would, but she is in hospital with a  life threatening illness. Got any more smartass advice?

SaveMe Oh: Ask the nurse?

Doc Grun: Asshole

Robert Little: Wow

SaveMe Oh: Hey you start playing emo tricks. When you want me to know all your live maybe you could try RL.

Lenni Foxtrot: Wow…my friend Save is here. Beware 🙂

Doc Grun: Maybe you could keep your denegrating comments to yourself.  But I see you have no restraint.  Being a smartass doesn’t get people to watch your machinamas.  But I’m sure you already figured that out

SaveMe Oh: I have no problems to get people watch my machinimas, so yes, I have figured that out.

Doc Grun: Just like they stare at fatal car accidents, I know, trust me.

SaveMe Oh: Next emo trick? Maybe you should consider RL when you hate to play avatar.

Doc Grun: Try this.  shut up.  who bets she can’t?

SaveMe Oh: Hey, you are in my screen, so may I deside that myself?

Doc Grun: I win

Robert Little: 🙂

SaveMe Oh: Lose or win is never an issue in art. For that I suggest you participate in one of the lousy art contests.

Doc Grun: I hear a noise.  sounds like wah wah wah wah. Can’t make it out.

SaveMe Oh: Now try to do that with a female voice!

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