Roxy’s Rules For Self-Respect

In the continues joined efforts of rich owners to keep me away from my friends the well fed ladies tried to explain it all to me again and again and again.


SaveMe Oh: You already unbanned me?

Roxy Gellar: I’m sorry SaveMe, the Estate banned you months ago.

SaveMe Oh: Because you asked them to do so, so you had time enough to undo that

Roxy Gellar: Have a nice day SaveMe.

SaveMe Oh: Its only cowards who hide behind others.

Roxy Gellar: My hands are tied

SaveMe Oh: Yes sure Pilatus

Roxy Gellar: You have no one to blame but yourself. Look up the word boundaries.

SaveMe Oh: Yes sure Judas (Sorry Marmaduke, you have lost the exclusive right on this name)

Roxy Gellar: You were asked to not perform at ONE show. You refused. You were asked not to return for the summer. You refused. I LOVE your work. But you only have yourself to blame

Cat Boucher: Is there any chance you 2 can continue your conversation in IM or in your blog SaveMe?

SaveMe Oh: You are responsible for the fact I can’t join my friends Morli and DD. Maybe you can join Cat Boucher. You 2 are perfect for each other

Roxy Gellar: I guess. You have a nice day

SaveMe Oh: I can search for a LM where you can buy electric fence and barbed wire? Or you prefer to shoot people on the spot? Would you allow me in when I would wear a yellow star?

Roxy Gellar: Careful with what you say next

SaveMe Oh: Would it be ok if I would arrive in a rubber boat? Or would you like to water board me first Roxy? You have the Guantanamo bay dance animation for me Roxy?

Roxy Gellar: As I said I hope to rent a parcel for you some time this fall.

SaveMe Oh: You don’t have to rent anything for me, I prefer when you would take freedom of people more serious

Roxy Gellar: And I appreciate it when my boundaries are respected.

SaveMe Oh: Is that a Stalin quote you stole?

Roxy Gellar: It’s a simple Principle of Self Respect.

SaveMe Oh: Ban people for your self-respect? What about that Dr. Freud?

Roxy Gellar: Learn to respect your friends boundaries, SaveMe.

SaveMe Oh: Roxy rule for self-respect: ban SaveMe Oh so she can’t attend concerts from her friends DD and Morli. Very logic.

Roxy Gellar: You made your bed and now you lie in it

SaveMe Oh: I don’t make beds, not even your coffin, I simply upgrade your life. Completely for free. Out of my good heart.

Roxy Gellar: And I hope to host you again one day

SaveMe Oh: I don’t need hosts. I need freedom. When DD plays I want to be free to go there. When Morli plays I want to be free to go there.

Roxy Gellar: You didn’t respect boundaries and we all miss out

SaveMe Oh: Freedom doesn’t ask for respect. Ask for respect is a dictator’s tool.

Pizza7: What you call freedom, SaveMe, is huge huge ego

Isobel Undercroft: If you want total freedom in SL buy your own land and do how you please.

Pizza7: Exactly Isobel

SaveMe Oh: Freedom is getting loose from commercialism. Buying is for capitalists

Isobel Undercroft: If you are on others land which they paid for, follow their rules. Simple.

SaveMe Oh: People who buy land to be able to rule are pathetic.

Isobel Undercroft: And if you want to listen to DD. Ask DD for her stream info and listen via an external program. Easy.

SaveMe Oh: I want to see DD, you already saw what a natural beauty she is?

Isobel Undercroft: If none paid for anything in SL there be no SL. is that simple.

SaveMe Oh: Ah, money buys you the right to dictate? And without money you have to shut up? Great society.

Pizza7: Asserting your freedom is dictatorship too.

SaveMe Oh: No, because when I live in my freedom you have all the tools to ignore me completely. That’s your freedom. You don’t have to talk to me, you don’t have to see me.

Roxy Gellar: Goodbye SaveMe

Isobel Undercroft: Yeah it’s the freedom of them who paid for the land to set their rules to have their lives as them likes.

SaveMe Oh: Roxy doesn’t like these simple things because she know they are true

Pizza7: Any discussion about freedom not in real life is totally useless

SaveMe Oh: So when I buy a land and decide everybody with glasses is not welcome it’s ok?

Isobel Undercroft: That is totally ok SaveMe. You can buy a land and deny everybody if you want. You paid for it in SL its yours to do with as you please.

SaveMe Oh: With what song DD started? Something from a Leni Riefenstahl movie? Or We Are The World? Reach out and touch? Let the sunshine in? Or good old Wagner?

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