Mute The Bitch, Mute The Bitch, Mute The Bitch

Want to go to BURN this year???


SaveMe Oh: Why am I banned from the region???

Arletta Martian: Did you do something bad?

SaveMe Oh: Never

Arletta Martian: Describe why you think you are banned then.

SaveMe Oh: I don’t think I am banned, I am banned. Hey, when I say I am banned from the region you don’t have to send TP. That doesn’t work when you are banned

Isadora Alaya: You don’t appear to be banned in Deep Hole region.

Arletta Martian: The region where you are trying to go might be full and that’s why you can’t go there

SaveMe Oh: Darlings, when you are banned from a region in doesn’t show in the land settings from a separate sim

DanOfWA Flanagan: SaveMe you will have to contact management —

SaveMe Oh: Dan, you are the boss. You know all about this. Don’t play stupid, you are not stupid

DanOfWA Flanagan: Actually I am not the boss.. you contact them at

SaveMe Oh: The boy scouts of Burn always hide behind each other. It’s so sad. They love to send you into an endless administration to get lost. They could also simply clear all ban lists with the start of a new season. But no, write a letter with 10 copies to all boy scouts you can find.

Arletta Martian: I guess it’s frustrating but right now, as upset as you are, that could be why are got banned, if you’re banned

SaveMe Oh: I am banned because Burn is run by a dictatorship of a fundamentalist Christian church that have boy scouts called rangers to spread the word. That’s why they prefer people who say yes and amen. It’s already going on for years like this. Only the chosen ones are welcome.  It depends on your licking qualities. Mine are not very good. So when they say: feel free to join us…know they are lying. Because I felt free tonight to go there, but they won’t let me…

SaveMe Oh:

Jennifer Steele: SaveMe.. are you on a quest to ruin it for everyone yet again?

SaveMe Oh: No, I am on a quest to restore freedom for everyone.  And as the most famous artist of SL it’s my duty to do so.

Barbs Kurka: Then why are you here? Head to Washington dc.

Jennifer Steele: To look innocent you must behave innocent 🙂

SaveMe Oh: To become free you have to behave as if you are free

Jennifer Steele: Then be free and unburden yourself from regrets and revenge.

Tracer Graves: your mom is free! Err, sorry, that was uncalled for 😛

SaveMe Oh: This one is for you Barbs:

Tracer Graves: Ooh, is this a blog promo?

Discord Temba: Please mute SaveMe Oh.

SaveMe Oh: No, this is evidence

Discord Temba:  The staff will not do anything about this just mute SaveMe Oh.

Jennifer Steele: I disagree with muting.. sorry

SaveMe Oh: As always it end with the request of muting

Jennifer Steele: Everyone has the right to speak..

SaveMe Oh: At least I still have the right to speak as I don’t have the right to go there.

Discord Temba: You are violating the 10 principles please stop. You are upsetting people.

SaveMe Oh: Freedom doesn’t have 10 principles

Discord Temba: This is not free speech it is a deliberate attack on the groups chat

SaveMe Oh: No its not.

Tracer Graves: This isn’t the only placed you’re banned, me thinks there’s a pattern

SaveMe Oh: They invited all, and I can’t go.

Barbs Kurka: SaveMe Oh is the most famous troll inSL

Tracer Graves: I thought Prok was!

SaveMe Oh: Troll??? You are so 2008

Jennifer Steele: Hmmm is name calling the wisest way to make a point?

Joe Max Firecaster: “Freedom is the freedom to be a flaming asshole!” – SaveMe Oh

Barbs Kurka: If shes free im free too.

SaveMe Oh: That’s the only defence they have, try to ridicule me

Barbs Kurka: Not ridicule, its fact

Mazie Halpern: You ridicule yourself

Tracer Graves: But you make it so easy, sweetiepie 🙂

Joe Max Firecaster: And you make it so easy! *lol*

Barbs Kurka: You are a troll

SaveMe Oh: They could also say: OK, you are unbanned. Welcome!

Barbs Kurka: Troll troll troll. SaveMe Troll.

Jennifer Steele: I just want you to let go SaveMe.. Be well.

SaveMe Oh: I am well. Don’t worry

Jennifer Steele: Wow.. sorry SaveMe.. we don’t all believe name calling is the way to have an intelligent discussion.

Barbs Kurka: And the 1st amendment talks about govt restricting speech, not about private organizations

Discord Temba: Please mute SaveMe Oh. Do not give her an audience just mute her

Jennifer Steele: Please do not mute SMO.. everyone has the right to speak

SaveMe Oh: Why not lynch me on the spot?

Barbs Kurka: Savemetroll. You want a cross too?

SaveMe Oh: The fundamentalist must like that idea

Discord Temba: Well fancy this a burner who has no knowledge of SaveMe Oh’s history in burn 2

Joe Max Firecaster: Oh, yes, being muted on a chat list is EXACTLY THE SAME as being hung from a tree. Gods, what a wining little creep!

Tracer Graves:

Barbs Kurka: SavemMe Oh has her group who come in and defend her acting like the innocent “don’t be mean to her”

Tracer Graves: Neat.  is she friends with Jumpman?

Jennifer Steele: I know all about her Temba.. I still won’t mute people because I don’t like what they have to say.

Tracer Graves: Or maybe his girl alt?

Mia Quinote: I’m bored with this chat.. let’s keep in track with THE BURN!!

SaveMe Oh: Is the track of BURN to ban people?

Joe Max Firecaster: Only people like you, SMO.

Barbs Kurka: There isn’t a club in SL who wouldn’t ban someone who disrupts people like savemetroll

SaveMe Oh: And why should people like me be banned?

Barbs Kurka: Because you are a nuisance?

SaveMe Oh: You think so?

Barbs Kurka: You make it your mission TO BE BANNED. That is your goal. To be banned.

SaveMe Oh: You think so?

Barbs Kurka: You make it your mission TO BE BANNED. That is your goal. To be banned.

M2Danger Ranger: (Saved Mon 19 Oct 2015 07:35:17) You have been ejected from ‘BurningMan 2.0’ by M2Danger Ranger.

3 thoughts on “Mute The Bitch, Mute The Bitch, Mute The Bitch

  1. “Tracer Graves: Neat. is she friends with Jumpman?

    Jennifer Steele: I know all about her Temba.. I still won’t mute people because I don’t like what they have to say.

    Tracer Graves: Or maybe his girl alt?”
    Say Tracer, though Saveme is no longer on my friend’s list we still speak (yell at one another) from time to time. We were noobs together. We had a best friend in common. We used to hang etc. etc.

    I taught Saveme a few cute tricks to pester turds like you Tracer. Saveme is Dutch and her own person. No alt of mine.

    Oh AND KEEP GOBBLING COX COCK GOBBLER. Keep my name out ya mouth, Tracer b4 you end up with my nuts on ya chin hehehehehehe

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