SaveMe Oh, Your Postillon D’Amour

Tonight I invited two dear friends to make peace!


Cat C. Boucher: Dear Roxy, come to the Circus to see today the acts which will appear in the future at your fucking Roxy Gellar’s place lol. Someone who say to supports music should do it because of the music and the talents that stands behind it …. But you, disgusting creature send boycott lists about musicians around … Torben was in, Lisa Brune and more. Some musicians dont forget that some mabye have to make the experience .-)

Roxy Gellar: In all honesty that lousy venue of you never enters into my thinking when it comes to approaching artists. In fact it’s more of a negative than a positive in my reasoning. But even a broken clock is right twice a day.

No. When I go questing for artists I may not have heard I look to blind luck some times. But more often I look to Apmel, Telchar, Josef, With Actors and others who share my tastes.

To rule out artists I don’t want to bother with? I just look to see if Robert69 has posted them on YouTube. Odds are if Robert69 recorded them I won’t like what I’m about to hear. This is true 80-90% of the time.

So there you have it. My process in seeking artists for the Sun & Moon.

Cat C. Boucher: Roxy, you always sneaked in at the circus looking for artists and booking them and I was glad cos I thought you were supporting music and the artists. But after you told musicians if they play at my place you wont work with them anymore. Some left and some you kicked … and some are working with you again ….. but I believe what you said about Robert … that sounds pretty much like you lol .-)

Roxy Gellar: Sounds like you know Cat that you are caught sounding foolish. And reaching for a way to get out of it.

Anyone paying attention knows that I booked both DeceptionsDigital and Echo Starship long before you booked them. You only booked them after they proved themselves at my venues and several others. Dear Cat, you hardly OWN  them or any of the other artists we both have booked at various times.

I tolerate artists that I book playing at your kitsch stage, they have every right to play where ever they want to play. I don’t need to know about it, no reason for it to come up beyond what we have discussed. I do not support the practice of playing at a venue hosted by you, Cat.

All this I have posted publicly so nothing I’m afraid of.

And I won’t even get into your homophobic and transphobic rants!

You might get a kick out of this. Kinda sad. I can not confirm it in the open but consider this as a pretty clear threat of homicide over a parcel in SL soon….

I fear I have to schedule a second appointment. In the next session I want to confront them with this inside information I got from Kevin Farrell

Kevin Farrell: SaveMe, I was around when this homophbic nonsense began. A comment Cat made was taken out of context and instead of understanding that, a volley of abuse was wrongly thrown at Cat and others for weeks. It was awful for everyone involved.

And wrong. So very wrong.

Cat is not homophobic or transphobic or any orientationphobic. That I know as a fact.

Roxy knows it too if she would only swallow her pride.

It is telling that of all the people who know or have known Cat, only one accuses.

As they say, go figure.

I will say no more on this, I have no bones to chew, no agenda, I have no wish to argue or fall out with anyone.

The truth is what it is. Cat is NOT homophobic nor transphobic, and will agree with me that anyone who is in any way homophobic or transphobic is plain ignorant and nasty.

Just so the records straight. ;))

4 thoughts on “SaveMe Oh, Your Postillon D’Amour

  1. Posting the truth? Post the screen shots I IMed you of Cat’s homophobic and transphobic attacks. Completely in context and unmistakably ignorant.

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