There Is No Opening Here!


Somebody licks LEA’s ass, gets a sim, dumps a bridge there and asks 4 wannabe artists (my dear friends Simontron Aquila, Maya Paris, Mikati Slate, Alpha Auer and my sister Bibbe Oh) to open up their inventories for some old shit to give it an air of uniqueness. Time to give the sim back to the people for some decent party time.

SaveMe Oh: Well experts, when I have to open this dump?

Simotron Aquila: I dont know. No info for now

SaveMe Oh: Pity Misprint Thursday dont put a stream here otherwise I could open the place tonight.

Mikati Slade: I think here have some radio songs

SaveMe Oh: Let me check… ah yes. I can open the sim

Mikati Slade: Maybe she loves such style of songs

Simotron Aquila: :))

SaveMe Oh: What time shall we do it? In an hour?

Mikati Slade: I am chatting with Misprint.

Simotron Aquila: Hey! I’m busy in RL this evening! I cant login tonight!

SaveMe Oh: So when you want the opening SImo?

SaveMe Oh: Mikati we dont have to ask as she doesnt do anything else than SL

Simotron Aquila: Well… maybe next week?

SaveMe Oh: Noooo. This weekend

Mikati Slade: There is no opening here!

SaveMe Oh: Says who?

Mikati Slade: Misprint Thursday said it!

SaveMe Oh: When I say there is an opening there is an opening

Mikati Slade: I mean party.

SaveMe Oh: Who cares what Misprint says or is she the boss?

Mikati Slade: She is the SIM holder

SaveMe Oh: And? Does that give special rights?

Simotron Aquila: Oh, well… is her project…

Mikati Slade: Yes.

SaveMe Oh: Is that in the LEA handbook?

Simotron Aquila: But I’d like to have your party! 😉

SaveMe Oh: What project? Ask a few people to shit some prims here? And then those people search in their inventory for some old stuff?

Simotron Aquila: Hey!!! it’s almost 9 pm!!!! I have an appointment! I must go.

SaveMe Oh: Haha Simo. Run!!!!! Escape just in time.

Brooklyn Bike

Brooklyn Bike – testride

So dear friends, tell me when you want the opening here and consider it done.

In the mean time we listen to a cute Misprint song.

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