Love Letter From A Witch During Halloween

When I invaded Janjii’s Night of the Witches yesterday, with my zombies, bats, candles and werewolves, she could do nothing else than send me a sweet dripping love letter.


Janjii Rugani wrote:

Sweet sugar SaveMe,

How can I ever thank you enough for this nice installation at my party. I completely love it. Hope nobody will read this letter but I admire your art a lot.

Constantly all people are asking me to ban you, unaware of how sad those requests make me.

You told me to follow my heart so here it is; I love you dear!

So I will accept that you offend people a lot, that sometimes you say hard things to people and are hurting people. I will accept it as I know it is not your intention to hurt them but to save them.

Look only to the way you saved me tonight. I organise a not so exiting party and then you save me with a performance that is so perfect. If only I could have the pleasure to have you all the time here.

With the deepest love,

Janjii Rugani

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