No One Wants To Read This

Well, lets see if no one wants to read about the abuse from LEA member Solo Mornington during the book release party of SaveMe Oh.

Solo's intervention

Solo Mornington covering the sim of Josef K with a huge attachment

Josef K: Hey Secret Rage … How goes with the 2 letters i sent to the LEA Committee 5 months ago. Can I expect an answer to my questions soon?

Secret Rage: Obviously we don’t control anyone’s private life…nr do we wish to

Josef K: But when a member of LEA violates the LEA Bylaws and the rest of the members neglect to do their duty then it’s not a private matter

Secret Rage: Josef i am not going to debate you- he was not representing us-just himself and it was not at LEA

Secret Rage: You could have booted him…muted him…but all you did was complain

Josef K: Well, does that mean that this has no meaning: 7.2 If a Committee Member does not act in accordance of the bylaws, or who commit acts deemed to be unethical, or that poorly reflect or are in opposition to the LEA mission, that Committee Member will be notified in writing of the meeting at which removal from the committee will be discussed and voted upon

Secret Rage: Obviously we did not consider it a violation as the artist herself did not care-read your own notes

Josef K (apw9900): Well, it was on my land at my party

Secret Rage: You had control of your land. You could have remedied it. You chose not to and now the subject is now dropped. No one wants to read this.

Josef K: Didn’t Solo sign a document when he joined LEA about acting in a way that didn’t violate the code of ethics in the LEA Bylaws

Secret Rage: I said DROPPED, enough, he responded in kind to many years of being griefed by your artist- i will not throw stones at him for it nor will anyone else.

Josef K: So you value personal friendship over the LEA Bylaws … isn’t that corrupted nepotism? I have nothing to do with Solo Mornington and SaveMe Oh’s fight .. but he chose to attack and destroy my party .. and the committee just accept that kind of behavior from a fellow committee member?

Secret Rage: Ignores the griefing i am now getting from Josef -closes the window and asks that anyone with legitimate questions IM me

Josef K: You are putting your head in the sand instead of doing what you are expected to do according to the LEA Bylaws

Misprint Thursday: You both should be in IM not group.

Secret Rage: agrees

Secret Rage: ty Misprint

Myra Wildmist: ty, misprint : )

Shiloh Emmons: Pardon me…is the argument relevant to an entire group or is it a personal argument best debated in private…

Spiral Silverstar: Not relevant to anyone with a brain

Secret Rage: Private, actually….as are most arguments 🙂

Ziki Questi: Secret, where are the beginning dates of terms of committee members posted? I see there is a 2 year term, with a maximum of two terms to be served contiguously.

Solo Mornington: Ziki: I’m pretty sure we don’t have that posted anywhere. we really should.

Josef K: It looks like the LEA Bylaws is just something they show to please the reader. Instead the Committee is working after a hidden agenda

Solo Mornington: What agenda do you think that might be?

Josef K: Friends rubbing shoulders with friends neglecting to do what the Bylaws demands of you according to section 7.2 in the Bylaws: 7.2 If a Committee Member does not act in accordance of the bylaws, or who commit acts deemed to be unethical, or that poorly reflect or are in opposition to the LEA mission, that Committee Member will be notified in writing of the meeting at which removal from the committee will be discussed and voted upon.

Solo Mornington: That’s not an agenda.

Josef K: Wasn’t Solo’s attack an act deemed to be unethical, or that poorly reflect or are in opposition to the LEA mission … or does the Committee accept that a member acts like Solo did?

Secret Rage: If he was acting in a capacity as an LEA agent…maybe- but he was not, however. We alllll have a personal life.

Solo Mornington: Yes, I griefed one of Josef K’s events. It was a book release about SaveMe Oh. I wasn’t ejected or banned, and I left when asked. So clearly it’s the end of the world.

Secret Rage: Which you have said all along. He has complained about it for 6 months.

Josef K (apw9900): By joining the Committe Solo signed a statement agreeing to abide by the Bylaws of the LEA .. he never acts as a private person but is always representing LEA

Solo Mornington: What statement did I sign, exactly?

Secret Rage: I guess you think it’s a paid position too? It isn’t.

Josef K: 4.1 Committee Member: Defined as full voting rights members that have been assigned to the LEA committee by Linden Labs or unanimously voted in by the existing Committee Members, and signed a statement agreeing to abide by the Bylaws of the LEA.

Solo Mornington: Look, I’m totally OK with Josef being unhappy with me. I was not a nice person that day. But you know… No harm no foul.

Josef K: Didn’t you sign that statement Solo?

Secret Rage: Give it a rest for cripes’ sakes. If sl  enforced its own laws there would have been no show as SaveMe would have been perma banned by now.

Josef K: I will let it rest when the committee does what the bylaws demands they should do. Well, did you sign that it or didn’t you?

Solo Mornington: Interestingly, I was a committee member when we ratified those bylaws.

Secret Rage: What do you want us to do? Write him a letter saying he was naughty? Spank him? Take away his birthday? One infraction in all the time he has donated to the LEA is not cause for any sort of consequences, sorry

Solo Mornington: so no. 🙂

Spiral Silverstar: :::wonders if SaveMe Oh has read and agreed to the SL TOS?::::

Josef K: I want the Committee to eject Solo according to the Bylaws

Secret Rage: Well that isn’t going to happen.

Josef K: That is what you are supposed to do if the bylaws has any meaning

Secret Rage: It says we vote? We vote 100% in favor of Solo. Are we done now?

Josef K: But not even that did you do.

Solo Mornington: Well no, this is progress, Secret. Josef has just been saying I violated the rules. now he’s saying what he wants.

Solo Mornington: So let’s do that. Putting it on the agenda.

Secret Rage:Ok sounds good

Josef K: And if you don’t eject Solo then griefing and abusing is an ethical act that is in accordance with the LEA mission .. and then we have a new topic to debate

Solo Mornington: There. email sent.

Spiral Silverstar: You must not have much to occupy your time, Josef

Secret Rage: YOU might Josef- i am done…exactly, Spiral 😉

Josef K : Spiral … dealing with LEA occupy a lot of my time since the are not interested in dealing with critics

Solo Mornington: Josef I’ll ping you when I hear back. or someone else might, because I’m not sure you’d believe me. That’s something we have in common: Dealing with LEA occupies a lot of my time, too.

Josef K: It would be better if you showed me the resume of the meeting with all the arguments not to eject you from the committee with references to the lea bylaws

Spiral Silverstar: You better hire an attorney, Solo

Josef K: And you never answered my question .. did you or did you not sign that statement that is mentioned in the bylaws when you got selected for the committee

Solo Mornington: Interestingly, I was a committee member when we ratified those bylaws. So no. 🙂

Josef K: Okay

Solo Mornington: But yes, it’s important that we all be morally upright and stuff.

I the jury

Josef K: Well, time for me to do other stuff now … if anyone is wondering what’s it all about I have written this open letter to LEA since they refuse to answer the ones I send them:

16 thoughts on “No One Wants To Read This

  1. What drives people to spend time on this:
    Livio Korobase: Now you are gone on Google + thinking to have more audience? LOL. There is something i want ask you, more general topic that make me curious. Some people, as you, seem to have very big free time to dedicate at strange activities as crosspost the same content in many groups of FB, where people is always the same and NEVER put a like or a sign of appreciation in this sort of post. So, i am envious about the big free time, but i don’t understand why this sort of people, you included, like so much to appear dumb. Me also i do dumb things, but i try to do at my home and i hope that no one see, i don’t go around in world shouting ei look how i am dumb. Also more than dumb, because seem a sort of alleged social claim where social don’t exist. You talk, or try to, with a presumed SL art world, where this world is composed i think at max from 50 person, all that have respect for Solo and zero for you. What push you? Is not more good leave from PC and go do a nice walk in a forest?

    Josef K : Hi Livio …

    You don’t have to envy my free time as I do not think I have more free time than most people. I am pretty well educated and work 30-35 full hours every week as a teacher. Besides that I am a board member in the local music association where we provide rehearsel rooms and studio facilities for (semi)amateur bands and musicians. And I do even play drums myself several times a week. I have been a board member there for 8 years by now.

    However, I don’t distinguish between free time and not so free time as everything I do, I do by choice and not because I have to or is forced to do. Freedom of choice is very important for me. So in a way you might be right when you assume that I have a lot of free time. I just choose to use that time doing things that I like whether it’s work or pleasure.

    You ask what pushes me …

    Well, I do believe in democracy and equality before the (by)law. And that’s why I have a hard time accepting the behavior of Solo Mornington and the nepotism in the LEA Committee. In any democratic institution or organization the members of a committee or a board is elected. That is not the case when it comes to LEA. The members of the LEA Committee is selected and that is a sign of democratic deficit.

    The LEA Committee works in a way that can be compared to the freemasons. The committee is founded on friendships and personal relations. Hence, when Solo Mornington is acting in a way that hardly can be in accordance of the LEA Bylaws nor can be seen as ethical or as a reflection of the LEA mission – and the members of the committee then chooses to protect and shelter him by neglecting to do what the LEA Bylaws requires of them, then we have a problem.

    The way the LEA Committee is selected (and not elected) will eventually lead to a committee consisting of mentally inbreds acting like roman emperors basking in each others brilliance and infallibility. And I do believe the LEA Committee has reached that point by now.

    The LEA Committee is in a bad need of glasnost, perestroika and democratisation. The main task for the LEA Committe should be art and not shoulder rubbing nepotism.

    That’s what pushes me, Livio.

    And now I’m off to mount a new skin on my snare drum.

  2. Ah now you copy paste also talks from other people? Wow the queen of lazyness. But thank you, i never seen Josef response, i have to respond here or in his page? Or you take care to copy paste here also?

  3. ps: yes, i spend my time always when i see something that is really wrong and manipulated, if i can. I like truth, what i have to do. Make me bit sad see with evidence that i am the only that do, but patience.

    • If you like the truth we agree. Let’s prepare Solo Mornington a decent farewell party as the man did of course also some good things.

      • I have to say again that i prepare nothing for Solo, i am not a companion of Solo, i talked more with you than with Solo. You have a space in your friend Fuschia sim at LEA. She licked what ass? And you licked Fuschia ass for have your space? Stop hide yourself rear this stupid empty slogans, come out from your carton box.

      • Fuschia begged me. And even when she wouldn’t may I refresh your mind, I am the only artist in SL who don’t need “space”. I create my own wherever and whenever I want.

      • I can’t reply under your reply, so i do here. Is not so interesting for me know what relations you have with Fuschia, was a example for show you where we go following your declarations of ass lickers. I know your indipendence and is something that i appreciate, not necessary remember me. You are also ingenious on find solutions for this, was not in doubt.

  4. Solo called in the troops of lickers:

    Livio Mondini Josef K , sorry for the delay, FB don’t send me something for say you responded, but np, your friend saveme take care to copy paste also contents from other people in her blog so i know. Maybe she is happy if i copy paste by myself this, so she can get her satori of lazyness.
    Sorry, your talk is moving and touching, but is false. You say “Well, I do believe in democracy and equality before the (by)law” but you griefed me in my sim worse than Solo did with you. So in your mind what i have to do? Send a email to Obama asking to spank you?
    You have to be a example before start attack and claim for laws. As i said, you did worse with me, griefing me with your little friends during a event. So you really think to be in position to claim respect of laws and democracy?

    Josef K
    Josef K : Now that calls for an explanation. I don’t remember having griefed you. In fact I don’t remember ever having griefed anyone. Would you kindly tell me what I am supposed to have done?

    Livio Mondini
    Livio Mondini You don’ remember but you did, in association with Saveme, Fuschia and Bricks. Here you dressed as Solo:…/fusc…/19789023374/in/datetaken/

    Josef K
    Josef K : You can’t be serious. Do you really think that using that avatar is griefing? Is Solo Mornington really such an uggly man in your opinion that just the very sight of his look alike is griefing … You are a funny man, Livio. You better not visit Market Place, because that avatar is on sale there and you might get offended by the sight of it smile-emoticon smile-emoticon

    Livio Mondini
    Livio Mondini No, you was part of a group that was griefing me in my sim. You can use all the avatars that you like, the question remain you griefed me. In photo you are dressed as Solo, but is a question really insignificant. Maybe Fuschia tought that was more funny take photo so, but is not my problem. The problem is that you go around thinking to be a manifest of rectitude and you are at least worse than Solo… The other questions you arise about LEA are interesting but mixed so in this irreal talk they become hidden under the shit.

    Josef K
    Josef K : Hey Livio … Earth is calling you, come back to reality ….

    As I remember that episode you and Fuschia had a dispute about some sails on some scaffolding you had placed on the border between your’s and Fuschia’s sims. SaveMe Oh sent me a tp asking me to come and give my statement. I came but I didn’t give any statement as I didn’t see the problem.

    And then, still if I remember correctly, you or perhaps it was SaveMe or Fuschia (I really can’t remember) asked me if LEA had answered my letter. It was in that context I put on the ‘Old Man’ avatar.

    But Livio … if the sight of a Solo Mornington look alike for a few minutes is such a shocking experience for you that you compare it to 90 minutes of griefing and verbally abusing of the guests at my book release then I am deeply sorry.

    Sorry for you being such a sensitive person, and sorry for making you look at an avatar that looks like Solo Mornington. I had no idea the sight of him would make you offended.

    And I will promise you this …
    I am working with Draxtor at the ‘Drax Files Radio Hour’ at the moment. He will dedicate one of his broadcasts to my dispute with Solo Mornington and the LEA Committee. On that show I will tell the world how sorry I am having offended you by revealing a Solo Mornington look alike smile-emoticon

    Livio Mondini
    Livio Mondini Sorry Josef, but the only fact is that you was part of a group that griefed me… all the other is pretentious. I don’t mind about Draxtor things, Fuschia asked me sorry immediately in person. The focus is: you acted as a griefer with a group of griefe…Meer weergeven
    Vind ik leuk · Beantwoorden · 3 uur · Bewerkt
    Josef K
    Josef K : As I really can’t remember griefing you, you have to refresh my memory. In what way did I grief you? Was it something I said? If it wasn’t the Solo Mornington look alike then what was my crime? As I remember it you and I had a friendly conversation that day, so please do tell me in what way I offended you.

    Livio Mondini
    Livio Mondini Again? i repeat, 3 times now. I DON’T MIND about you like to look, is not my problem. Me also i have this avatar, was sold at Kowloon years and years ago. That day we have not talked, i dont know what you remember. Just you, Fuschia, Save and Bricks ha…Meer weergeven

    Josef K
    Josef K : I am still waiting for you to tell me exactly in what way I attacked you as I have no memory of doing anything wrong. So do tell me.

    When I complained over Solo Morningtons griefing of my book release event I provided full documentation in the form of transcripst of the open chat documenting Solo verbally abusing my guests. I provided photos of his white fog and even a machinima.

    You only have emty talk and hollow accusations but no documentations.

    I found SaveMe Oh’s blog post about the ‘griefing’. I am not even mentioned in it although you claim that I griefed you. I am pretty sure SaveMe Oh wouldn’t leave that out if she could use it against you.

    Wall Me, Rotate Me
    War in the LEA SIMS between neighbours? Fuschia Nightfire: I noticed they put up a…
    Vind ik leuk · Beantwoorden · 2 uur
    Livio Mondini
    Livio Mondini Oh ok, you are right. You was here as part of group as guest, you are a candid flower. What you was doing in this group? Why you was here? Doing decoration? Don’t go call SaveMe, she is the only acting as expected in this occasion, just try to be sincere with yourself. Because is you in discussion, not SaveMe. SaveMe can, you not.

    Josef K
    Josef K : You more and more sound like a resounding gong or, should I say, a clanging cymbal.

    You keep presenting wild accusations but fails to back them up with documentation. You keep trying to smear my name and question my integrity but all you achieve is making yourself look more and more desperate.

    You claim that I have lost my virginity and credibility. You say my talk is false and call me griefer worse than Solo Mornington – yet you can’t produce any piece of evidence to back up your attack that seems to be based on your personal feelings instead of hard facts. It’s all nothing but a result of your own delusions.

    In your first post in this thread you advice me to take a walk in the forest. I would like to return that advice to you. And while you are in the forest, do take some deep breaths. Something tells me the fresh oxygen would do you good.

      • For now sorry but i have some doubts about magnets and smart people… and only you called your lickers troops, so are you talking about what? The problem with you is that you never say what you think really, you just copy paste what other people say, always in control, risking nothing. Never a comment, a thought by you.
        Now again i have raised a bit the counter of this blog, that is crying because no one read or comment. But is your fault, you never write something original… I bet that if instead sterilized copy paste you share your real thought you get more visits and also happiness. Can be surprising, but people understand when a content is true. How i don’t know, but they do. Take care.

      • No. I never said anything about LEA, about Solo Mornington I never made a remark. Movies about LEA or Solo Mornington, I can’t remember. Art is secondlife, you are completely right, never had any thought about it.

      • Is true, you never said much about LEA and Solo. Maybe you have right reasons, but looking from outside i don’t understand. Solo as dictator i never seen, as i never know someone that had to lick ass for have a sim at LEA. This actions seem more politics, you arise hate against someone or something (as many politics do), maybe choosing some power symbols so people that have problems with autorithy can shout against someone instead fight with the real problem, and nothing change. The power remain at who have, and you grow this power. Happy you happy all… So, when Solo acted as dictator? Where? When? Maybe exist a post in this blog that explain, is too much ask you the link? Or when someone licked a ass for have a sim in LEA? Who? When? And so.
        Also, i don’t think is a so smart idea go fight with old womans about art… Or tell me that your intent is become the Major of SL and i stop. But this have nothing to do with art.
        About SL, i think that we can say that a art don’t exist, is something interesting for i think 50 persons. But also if other people call art every sort of shit, they have right to do. Maybe beetwen this people someone get a seed that make the new Picasso. Who you are for say no? I know this mechanism, i was more rigid than you. I think is a error, but obviously is just my opinion. This become too long, but i hope that is understandable, or tell me.

      • But now don’t tell me that i say so because Solo is my friend and/or i lick ass. I take Solo because is the only topic about wath we can talk, but i did same actions for you also and i do for everyone i think is unjustly prosecuted. Is something that makes my hairs stand up, above all in SL and in name of art and freedom.

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