Controlled Avatar Parking

The people who follow this blog know that for long I fight against the ever appearing situation of avatar parking in secondlife. Avatar parking arises mostly at events that are not events, or in other words, you are invited to a space where wannabe artists like Betty Tureaud, Kicca Igaly or all losers at LEA, UWA or BURN2  glue some prims together and expect the audience to park there and deliver some Ooohs Aaaahs and Wowwwwws. When they are in a very creative mood you can expect some danceballs and the inevitable DJ. When they succeed to repeat this process every once in a while they might even make it to Linden Labs destination guide.

But foremost I have to blame the “audience”. As numb sheep they are standing there and the only activity they can produce is take hundreds of photographs to add to their Facebook and Flickr albums or unknown blogs.

The only way to get them moving is to give them a gift that controls them and then they are happy, proud of being part of an artwork. But spontaneous interaction is hardly ever seen.

Completely desperate I decide to invent the Controlled Avatar Parking. It reduces the present audience to one multiply identity that can be made useful in a performance without almost occupying any space. It reduces all mesh bodies, slink hands and fancy hair and clothes to one breathing object that fits perfect in the ultimate SaveMe Oh performance. It reduces afterwards tagging in photographs as individuals are hardly recognisable anymore.


And it brings people together in an intimacy they could have never dreamt of when they started a second life.

parked avatars

Champions of avatar parking, the Italians of Italianverse had the luck of being the first to experience the Controlled Avatar Parking during my performance All Of Me, yesterday night.

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