Hi, I Am A Dictator But Want To Look Like A Hippie

Tonight I received an invitation for a LEA party. We almost forgot they do events in LEA but here appears to be one. Here is the invitation:

Hey friends! Artistik Oluja and Livio Korobase team up again to bring you Hot Tubes & Psychedelic Grooves!

This time we’re tapping into our Hippie vibes and taking the music under the trees at ::Metamorfaces:: with Livio Korobase at the DJ table burning up the tubes with awesome psychedelic grooviness that’ll get your flower power on in no time. So throw on some colour and get into those bellbottoms we’re ready to party!

When I entered the sim I was very happy to see Eupalinos Ugaijin alive and well and he even managed to be the new bf of Artistik Oluja, getting in that way a secret backdoor to once more another LEA sim. They stole the little dead dolls of Scottius Polke to make some kind of hippie looking dance with them but of course we all know dictators can’t dance.

I tried not to disturb their kindergarten too much to bring in what they asked: throw on some colour, psychedelic grooviness and flower power.

But then misses Dictator started to complain:

SaveMe Oh: Hey Eupalinos, what a surprise.

Eupalinos Ugajin: Hello

SaveMe Oh: I hardly recognise you

SaveMe Oh: Did I scare poor Eupa off or did he simply disintegrate?

Artistik Oluja: Eupa took me on a quick tour of space hehe

SaveMe Oh: He knows where space is?

Artistik Oluja: SaveMe, you know that place behind your eyes? 🙂

SaveMe Oh: I have that?

Fanny Vermont:  Such a cool light


Kandinsky Beaumont: How can you be in LEA SaveMe?

SaveMe Oh: I forced Eupa to let me in.

Kandinsky Beaumont: Nobody banning you tonight?

Kandinsky Beaumont: Aha nice Eupa, I see all the little Scottius guys, the dead children

Artistik Oluja: If you can stop with the colour rezzing SaveMe you’ll last longer, I can’t handle this much colour. It’s not something everyone’s nervous systems can tolerate.

SaveMe Oh: I have the same with everything Eupalinos does but I try to be brave.

John Howard Cassio: It tends to make you dizzy

Artistik Oluja: I’m asking you to stop it because it’s hurting me 🙂

Fanny Vermont: Isn’t it what we try to get? Dizzy, I mean?

SaveMe Oh: Psychedelic intends to do that, you aging hippies

Fanny Vermont laughs.

SaveMe Oh: If you can’t stand that consider gardening as a hobby.

Artistik Oluja: It’s your attitude that is ageing 🙂 I think you have had enough attention for your little thingy now

Artistik Oluja ejected and banned you from this land.

Livio Korobase, who is role-playing a DJ tonight didn’t open his mouth, were on Facebook they have to cut a forest to deliver enough paper for his writings….

SaveMe Oh: Now we know you belong to the LEA dictatorship. Good to know.

Livio Korobase: For me was nice, but ok I am only a worker.

SaveMe Oh: Yes, dictatorships run by their workers.

4 thoughts on “Hi, I Am A Dictator But Want To Look Like A Hippie

  1. As requested, i read the post. For what i am involved, last sentences of text, i am sorry but for me is completely incomprehensible. What and where is the LEA dictatorship? Is that Artistik asked you to put off the strobo lights? This happen to you in all SL, LEA or not. Is true that intensive light show can make difficult for some people to partecipate at a much more generic event, i think is your error don’t forecast this. In my humble opinion force your performance in a so little space is almost impossible without push in a high cognitive bias someone. As already i told from my position was nice what you and Eupa were doing, but maybe in floor was different. After also Kikas and Marmaduke started rez things, but they have small objects, that can fit in a little place as was yesterday the stage.
    Was very different if thinking to make a performance in your style you asked to sim owner to have a reserved space, both physical and temporal: from hour to hour SaveMe perform light show. Here no one can say something, and i don’t think Artistik tell you no.
    By my side seen the kind of music was something only welcome, i was really appreciating and i have to say also i was surprised looking wath you was doing.
    I had nothing to say this apart, was not my sim and/or my event, what you expect that i say?
    You are adult enough and you have the tools for defend yourself i think, if someone attack you. No one asked you to leave, is not mandatory that if someone send you a invite you have to do something. Is you that have to evaluate the situation and look what is possible and what no. Yesterday was almost impossible, in a space of 10×10 meters your objects simply are impossible to see for many people that maybe are in low graphic settings and see just glowing heavy colors.

    ps: i leaved your adversiting group in FB, i thought that was a group where people talk about crucial topics about art and freedom of all artists, but he seem just adversiting about you. There are hundreds of self declared art groups in FB, is not my cup of wodka.

  2. While I do find *some* of your obtrusive attachments to be an interesting reflection of your obnoxious attitude and desperation for (negative) attention, their charm is heavily overshadowed by your obnoxious attitude and desperation for (negative) attention. Considering my event space and the fact that I made it clear it was too much for guests viewers and too much for my eyes, normally I would have ignored your obnoxious attitude and desperation for (negative) attention, but I wasn’t going to walk away from my own event because of your obnoxious attitude and desperation for (negative) attention. I like people who are playful and have fun in SL, without (say it with me now) an obnoxious attitude and desperation for (negative) attention. I’ve tried to dumb this down enough to be understood. Lather rinse repeat.

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