With Deep Regret And Profound Sadness Of The Sad Widow

When Nitro Fireguard passed away last week Dido Haas asked me to be present with a performance at his memorial. She didn’t asked me because we are great friends or I knew Nitro very well. But in the weeks before his death I spoke a few times with him and convinced him to share his statues with me so I could use them in my performances. Nitro was very delighted with the idea and shared a few with me.

I transformed some of them for my performance and lucky enough Nitro could see the result in a performance a week later.


Nitro Fireguard: Hi SaveMe

SaveMe Oh: Hi Nitro. Nice you came.

Nitro Fireguard: Thank you for your amazing show.

SaveMe Oh: These are meant as virtual vitamins

Nitro Fireguard Hugs. 🙂

SaveMe Oh: Hugs for you.


To honor Nitro and to celebrate life the event of Sunday 15th was planned and with DJ Ferdy I was preparing to make it a real celebration but then came this…..

Dido Haas: Hi SaveMe. Yoon told me that you are banned at the sim where will be the memorial for Nitro on Sunday. I talked to the owners of the sim and tried to make them lift the ban, but no, they were unrelenting.

I regret this very much but I don’t have a choice, it’s their sim. I am sorry sweetie. Very unfortunate.

Big Kiss! Dido.


Now about what sim we are talking?


And who are the two fine people refusing me to celebrate the life of Nitro?

WayneNZ Resident and Holter Resident

Nitro has left the globus

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