Rezzed Stupid

Once in a while you get such stupid questions that you wonder if those people were rezzed under a stone.

Save God

Aemeth Lysette: Hi SaveMe! You don’t know me, but I’ve seen some of your work and it’s really awesome! I am working with the Art Farm Coop sim at LEA 28 to build a Hollywood-style town dedicated to machinima and photography. (I called it “SLollywood”.)

Anyway, I was talking with another officer, RMarie Beedit, and we agreed it would be awesome if you hosted a seminar here. Would you be interested? I know RMarie said LEA might have banned you from their sims, but I’m giving you a LM to ours so you can try to see if you’ll be able to get in anyway. If not, we tried, and we still think you’re cool. Please let me know if it works!

SaveMe Oh: The LEA dictatorship keeps me banned from their sims. The only way to lift that ban is when you request to the dictatorship my presence there is needed. Several artists did so and slowly we can get rid of these dictators who rule LEA on behalve of their licking abilities of Linden Asses. When you demand my unbanning on your particulair LEA sim I will be happy to see how we can work together to present virtual art.


Aemeth Lysette: Ehhh I kinda figured that was a thing. I’ll see what we can do, otherwise we definitely tried.

SaveMe Oh: Tell your LEA boss to unban me and that you want me there and then we can see what is possible

Aemeth Lysette: What LEA boss? You mean the person running the sim? Yeah, we’ll give it a shot.

SaveMe Oh: Yes, those unelected dictators who decide if you get a LEA sim or not. Who is the boss of your region? Solo Mornington? Jayjay Zifanwe?

Aemeth Lysette: Vanessa.. forgot her last name but she’s with Medici U

SaveMe Oh: Vaneeesa is not LEA

SaveMe Oh: I mean your LEA boss

Aemeth Lysette: Yeah, funny thing, I never said I had a LEA boss.

SaveMe Oh: You have. If you think its funny or not

Aemeth Lysette: I just built this section lol. And invited a bunch of people. I’m kinda new to this LEA thing. I had an art career before I came here. I will have one after I leave. This LEA stuff seems kind of trite

SaveMe Oh: The LEA dictatorship makes sure you only can invite asslickers

Aemeth Lysette: We’re housing what some people would consider “griefers” right now (but actually they’re just gaming machinima/battle sim people). So, no, not true. I run a different ship.

SaveMe Oh: Let me know when you have arranged my free entree in your sim. will do nothing before I am unbanned. I dont want to waste my time.

Aemeth Lysette: You aren’t on the banlist at all.

SaveMe Oh: Thats the trick of the dictatorship, they ban me from a region, so you cant see it on the sim ban list

Aemeth Lysette: Hey so like what about alts.

SaveMe Oh: I have 100 of alts, but I am to good to waste my time on LEA. Get me unbanned and then we talk.


Jessyka Richard: Hello SaveMe, I know Aemeth Lysette talked to you.  I am hosting an internet venue dance floor on LEA28. This saturday evening.  i have some rezzers and particles set up.  if you could bring some cool attatchments it would be awesome. I looked at the banlist that i can see and it doesn’t look like you’re banned (though i can’t promise you won’t get banned lol)

SaveMe Oh: I am banned from the region dear

Jessyka Richard: I sent you a request, let me know if it fails

SaveMe Oh: Sigh, when you people learn to read?

Later that evening:

SaveMe Oh: Give Vaneeesa a kiss

Aemeth Lysette: I know this is an rp thing for you, and might be an entire performance. But if you ever want to have a serious discussion, I’m here.

SaveMe Oh: Nothing to do with RP. So there you already start wrong

Aemeth Lysette: Anyway, thanks for the talk earlier, have fun, see you later.

SaveMe Oh: Bye Vaneeesa

Aemeth Lysette: Bitch I’m not Vanessa. Have a seat. Oh I’m sorry, has no one ever cursed you out before? See, you’ve been playing with these other artists but I don’t think you met anyone like me. You won’t be stepping to me like that, ever. You can’t even be serious about yourself and that’s a shame, that’s wasted brains you’ve got. It’s like you’re only halfway serious about your own craft.

Aemeth Lysette: Until you can come to me like a serious person, you’re being dismissed as somebody who’s probably mentally retarded.

SaveMe Oh: Vaneeesa, is your head moving around 360 degrees now?

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