Aemeth Lysette: SaveMe, knock it off. This isn’t Game of Alts. I am the one and only. Nobody’s alt around here.

I have been proven in identity on New World Notes. I’ve been talked out in media and rl publication. I have no need for alts because everybody knows who I am already.

You’re being blocked now. Stop bothering other people because you think they’re me. We are just going to block you because none of this really means anything.

One thought on “Disclaimer

  1. Aemeth Lysette:
    Saveme Oh is unfortunately someone I don’t deal with. I saw she just tried to link a post here–Gogo accidentally greenlighted it–but I marked it as spam because she’s been going around and harassing people in-world she thought were my alts. Those users got back to me about it, which made me upset because harassment is something that is zero-tolerance with me.

    When I first encountered Saveme, I thought her whole demeanor was an act, like Michael Green’s work in SL. I figured she was playing a part and I was like, “whatever, just come give a talk at the Art Farm”. It didn’t take long for me to realize that.. yeah, she actually is crazy. Once that happened, I was done.

    Her comment has been marked as spam and I’ll be banning her from here when I get the chance, if the spam marking hasn’t done so already.

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