Now Is She Begging Me Or Not?

To play it safe Roxy Gellar tried this time the method of groupchat on facebook to be sure she had enough witnesses, but I am still not sure if she was begging me or not so please be all my witnesses.

Roxy Gellar: Hiya hugs DD, Morli, and YOU!

On Monday, Nov. 30th I will have a new parcel. To my knowledge SaveMe isn’t banned on this Estate. Yet. Morli is on at 12PM and DD is on at 1PM SLT.

I am inviting you, SaveMe to use the space. We will have just a platform and approximately 75×80 meters of space. If I move here permanently? You are welcome to perform at the new location, SaveMe.

But here’s the bottom line. No. You can not always expect to have free run of the space. I pay rent to enjoy the venues I create. Some rudeness I’m willing to tolerate. But if you cross the line again? You will be banned again.

I appreciate what you do. But when I build a venue I intend to use it. I hope this is agreeable to you. If you show me respect privately among this circle of friends I promise to keep it secret.

SaveMe Oh: Respect is the word I hate most. I perform when I feel the need and when the dictator in you tells you that you have to ban me, who can stop you? I don’t make deals with dictators so when I might appear monday you do whatever you like.


DD and SaveMe Oh performing

Roxy Gellar: If you can’t show the slightest consideration? Then I’ll make other arrangements. I don’t beg. And I’m not going to have a blank platform with nothing to look at if you decide to not come.

How about this instead? “I can respect your boundaries, Roxy. Looking forward to picking up where we left off and I can appreciate you’re one of the few who see the validity of my work.”

“Oh and I’m sorry for calling you a bitch, Roxy.”

hee hee hee ya I never expect an apology, Not from you.

You really are a very disturbed individual. You are truly disturbed. I have absolutely no idea why I ever defended you or indulged your destructive behaviors.

Morlita QuanMorlita Quan and SaveMe Oh performing

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