Reunited With My Best Friends

When I heard my best friends Kikas Babenco and Marmaduke Arado were doing a performance and that my much beloved DJ Eifachfilm Vacira would take care of the music I couldn’t sleep for weeks from pure excitement.


And so I try to go to the sim of Universidade de Aveiro early, only to find out that the Evil Genius had banned me. So I ran back home to change quickly for myself and then got in. But the moment of pure happiness lasted only some minutes as the Evil Genius renewed his ban list.

Knipsel 5

Desperate to miss any quality time with my sweet friends Kikas & Marma, who always enjoyed my contributions so much, I ran back home to change again for another me, but the true PIDE background of some of the Portuguese sim owners took no risks anymore and arranged a new ban list for the sim containing every SaveMe ever born. King Herod would have been jealous.

Knipsel 7

The only solution to be at least close to my dearest friends was to go undercover as somebody else that was me. But being me but not me is difficult, I don’t know to push what buttons and by mistake I add some SaveMe signs that were received as sabotage what was of course not a second my objective. I deeply apologise for the caused trouble, the foreseen upgrade of the rather old art came from a good heart.


Marmaduke Arado: It is over now. Sabotage at the end.

Zola Zsun: I am innocent!

Solar Hydro Cleanslate: Heh, the Save Me/Save You was not part of it?

Marmaduke Arado: I am going. Good night

To apologise I went back after the performance but I still couldn’t get in.

SaveMe Oh: Wan, I cant get in. Am I still banned? Or did the event already end?

Wan Laryukov: Love I am not the owner of this sim and I think its finished.

SaveMe Oh: Now for that you need to be a Genius, I asume?

Wan Laryukov: ahahahahahah

SaveMe Oh: What a pity, would have loved to see my old friends. Well, maybe next time.

Wan Laryukov: Yes Kikas and Marmaduke

SaveMe Oh: We were almost married once. Me and Kikas and Marma. I can still taste their baba de camelo.

Wan Laryukov: ahahhahaah a trio must be good. I love baba de camelo. Sweet dreams hun

SaveMe Oh: With baba it cant get any sweeter!


15 thoughts on “Reunited With My Best Friends

  1. Thank you very much Evil Genius, if it wasn’t for you our performance would have been destroyed from the beginning by the fascist.

    • Your performance???? I thought it was ment to be interactive??? Didn’t everybody had to sit on your thingies to contribute?

      • Marmaduke Arado: One good thing about the event was that yet another attempt by SaveMe Oh to destroy our performances was prevented. But in the last minutes SMO managed to get in using a spy (an alt named Mar Lutrova) and immediately started insulting the organizers, so the event ended on a rather unpleasant note for me.

        Marmaduke Arado: [15:19] Mar Lutrova: pssst dont say that, the portugese PIDE is listening in
        [15:14] Mar Lutrova: Salazar would have been proud of his fellow countryman

        PIDE: The Salazar state police

        Now this is VERY insulting.

        Marmaduke Arado: If trying to impose your presence on others is not a fascist behavior, I don’t know what is.

        Janjii Rugani: I agree Marmaduke ! this is fascist , and boring , a very disgusting overacting.

        But banning half secondlife is a deed of enlightment.

      • “I agree Marmaduke ! this is fascist , and boring , a very disgusting overacting.”

        I think Janjii Rugani is agreeing with me and calling you a fascist, fascist… But maybe I’m wrong?

        “banning half secondlife is a deed of enlightment”

        Don’t you mean banning half of your alts, fascist?

  2. “Your comment is awaiting moderation.”

    Don’t you think it’s disgusting that you have a Salazaresque “censura prévia” policy on your blog?

  3. Universidade de Aveiro also practice censura prévia on their banlist? And who teach Evil Genius all these Salazaresque tricks? I hope it was not you.

    • Universidade de Aveiro also practice censura prévia on their banlist?

      Assuming this is true (and it is not), the conclusion is you consider yourself to be as fascist as Universidade de Aveiro. Thanks for proving my point.

  4. An advice to you: make sure this was the last time you interfered with our performances. And no, I do not mean reporting you to the Lindens or anything bureaucratic like that.

  5. Here’s something to give you an indication of what I’m capable of, as regards my threat above: worse than being just a video about a dog, it’s about a RUSSIAN dog:

      • You should make one movie titled “Beware of Russians”, maybe mocking à la Charlie Hebdo the shooting down of a civilian Russian plane by ISIS with 224 killed.

      • Now what this all has to do with you supporting the Universidade de Aveiro in banning half Secondlife from an event in which you warm up your old stuff? If you had wanted some Russian bears there you could have asked me.

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