Lick Me Before I Count To 3

Roxy Gellar:  Hello SaveMe

Apmelina Slingshot: Stream is hacking for me 😦

Roxy Gellar:  Same here

Apmelina Slingshot: must be SaveMe’s fault 🙂

Roxy Gellar:  It might be more stable in a bit

SaveMe Oh: If only they would keep these sims empty instead of stuff it up with owners farts

Roxy Gellar:  That’s 1

SaveMe Oh: Give me some time for 2

Roxy Gellar:  You are relatively safe

Pax Voix:  Eats some Garlic and Onions to be safe

Apmelina Slingshot: Nobody is safe for Apmelina

SaveMe Oh: Where you bought this shit Roxy? Why you don’t give me your money when you have no clue what to do with it? I happily turn it into art for you.

Roxy Gellar:  That’s 2

SaveMe Oh: let me give you 3. FUCK YOU!


7 thoughts on “Lick Me Before I Count To 3

  1. Once again I tried to be half way accommodating. I’m not going to be a door mat for you. Thanks for the free Golden Shower though. It was nice of you to provide it after I put you in orbit. Next time you’ll stay there.

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