Mar Marma Marmaduke

Marmaduke Arado:

WARNING to all artists and art event organizers in SL.

SaveMe Oh’s (Hoeme Vas on FB) continuing campaign to sabotage the work of anyone who does not pay a dog-like tribute to SaveMe Oh’s psychopathic behavior has escalated, with SaveMe Oh now using alts besides “SaveMe” ones to infiltrate events where SaveMe Oh’s presence is highly unwelcome. The latest such SaveMe Oh spy to be detected was a SaveMe Oh alt named Mar Lutrova, who managed to get into our recent performance in Universidade de Aveiro (after an attack by undesirable “SaveMe” alts, who were ejected) and brutishly start vomiting insults upon arrival.

Unfortunately, being alert to Mar Lutrova does not solve the problem because SaveMe Oh can create as many alts as SaveMe Oh wants for SaveMe Oh’s fascistic purposes.

Meanwhile, SaveMe Oh fan boys and girls can freely enlighten me on how exactly SaveMe Oh’s repellent behavior is connected to art (there is no Salazaresque “previous censorship” in FB comments, unlike in SaveMe Oh’s blog).

I found out, SaveMe Oh has no less than about 40 alts just with the surname Lutrova. All their first names include “Mar” at the beginning (Marcel, Margarita, etc.). All were created in a period of weeks 8 years ago and their profiles are completely blank.

I tend to see them as SaveMe Oh’s virtual suicide bombers, ready to try to destroy those who are designated unworthy by the Caliph of SL.


To help to cure Marmaduke Arado from his continuous paranoia I present tonight the extraordinary Kikas & Marmaduke Tribute. 50% of the tips will be donated to Kikas Babenco to pay the bills for the cure.

The Extraordinary Kikas & Marmaduke Tribute will take place at Two Fish, Cariacou, 11 December 2015 at 14.00 PST.

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