Australian ART-Ikea Falls Apart


The sim with the cheapest vision on art of all time, the UWA finally stops with its devastating advertising campaign. For years the University of Western Australia had the problem that no student who was sane would want to go there, so they decided to promote the dump in the cheapest way possible, by exploiting wannabe artists in virtual worlds. Over and over again they forced those poor souls to produce shit which had to include the UWA phallus symbol, the clock tower and some black swans that Jayjay Zifanwe bought for 0 Linden on marketplace.

The megalomaniac events were always the same, space for at least 1000 avatars in the good old tradition of Leni Riefenstahl, with lot of paying participants to afford the prize money that had to be paid to Tutsy Navarathna, who was the arranged winner for years.

For the last time an army of idiots glued their stuff together in the hope to win something, not knowing Tutsy already is celebrating with Jayjay over a box of champagne.

Never investing in quality but always going for the biggest exposure for the backwater university it will be a glorious moment for virtual worlds to be finally liberated from these promoters of kitsch. Now let’s only hope Jayjay will also leave the LEA dictatorship because why continue at the only place which is even more corrupt?

2 thoughts on “Australian ART-Ikea Falls Apart

  1. As the psychiatrist said in a memorable episode of Fawlty Towers:

    “There’s enough material here for an entire conference”

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