Hippie Terrorism At Hippiestock

Being witness of a Ultralight concert is almost never possible for me because her asslicker Betty Thureaud will make sure I am banned in no time but today they were slow due to the amount of people in the sim. My friend Lenni fight like a fox for me, but the hippies from then are the TRUMPS of today.



Lenni Foxtrot: Sorry, I didnt invite her, she comes on her own, she follows events

Trinity Yazimoto: Well noone needs an invite lenni, dont feel guilty for that. Its open to everyone who behave cordially. You are not responsible

Lenni Foxtrot: She came and i like her, so i tried to dance with her. No luck!!  lol

Trinity Yazimoto: The only thing is that i thought u didnt explained her and didnt tried but if u did, then u did all ur possible. U have done nothing bad. But just for u to know. I have friends IM-ing me, saying they left bec they crashed bec of the particles. I think those ppl were also entitled to be here

Lenni Foxtrot: I am not like SaveMe OH. I agree with you

Trinity Yazimoto: i know

Lenni Foxtrot: but I like her anyway.. does that make sense?

Trinity Yazimoto: fortunately or not, being friends doesnt do ourselves clones of our friends lol

Lenni Foxtrot: I would call her my friend, she and I have been thru so much

Trinity Yazimoto: But you are entitled to that of course Lenni, dont feel u must apologize for that. U like her, its your friend and noone has smth to say to that, its your own business with her. Noone else. I have no problem with that. I just thought that as she s your friend, and you are also hers, if you asked her to stop , she would do. I was wrong on that, that’s all

Lenni Foxtrot: I can get her to stop….but thats not it…is that she goes…is her

Trinity Yazimoto: There must be several way for being friend

Lenni Foxtrot: i wouldnt ask her to stop

Trinity Yazimoto: and im pretty tolerant with that

Lenni Foxtrot: is about her art

Trinity Yazimoto: Well, so you should, art or not. It was annoying people, crashing them. Can u just realize that? Its not about art or not. Im not going to discuss the pretending art of SaveMe Oh… i couldnt care less. The fact is that ppl had to leave because it was too much to handle for their graphic card. She cant understand that because she doesnt even know what mean empathy, in order to wear the ppl with bad comp’s shoes

But you Lenni! You, I thought you could figure that out and just friendly tell her, because if you had ask her I think she would have stop for you because you are her friend. But maybe im wrong on that too

Lenni Foxtrot: I do my best  sorry


Hippie Bowman: Had to ban her Lenni!  I did not want too

Lenni Foxtrot: is ok 🙂 She knows you will

Hippie Bowman: sigh. I did not want to but she would not stop

Lenni Foxtrot: Is ok you had to

And the sneaky hippie who wants to force my friend Lenni to persue me to stop is after insulted because Lenni tells me all about it. It’s a strange world!

Trinity Yazimoto: Thank you really much Lenni, thank you for pasting without my consent all the convo i had with you to your friend who had the delight to post it in her blog

Lenni Foxtrot: She doesnt hurt you with it, is just her and you sound great in it.. is you

Trinity Yazimoto:I didnt allowed u to copy and paste the convo i had with you

Lenni Foxtrot: I know

Trinity Yazimoto: I thought i was having a convo with you only. You have no excuse

Lenni Foxtrot: But i wouldnt hurt you with anything

Trinity Yazimoto: No excuse at all

Lenni Foxtrot: is good

Trinity Yazimoto: and im done talking with you because now i will never trust you anymore

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