And Who Will They Blame?

Lenni Foxtrot: We are banned, are you in Nova?

daallee™: My rights are not working

Nova Convair: Banned? nah

Lenni Foxtrot: None of mine either

Nova Convair: Let me see

Lenni Foxtrot: Get us in? Shit Nova is now here in the ocean with us.

Nova Convair: Is all ok

Lenni Foxtrot: What kinda griefer is this? I have never seen the like of this

daallee™: anyone know how to Get Merlin or Hippie

Nova Convair: Someone disabled all physics, colisions, scripts. Nobody can move here now

Lenni Foxtrot: I will call Hippie

daallee™: I have estate  rights but i cant do anything

Nova Convair: I’ll check for objects first before I switch that on again

daallee™: Looks like he will have to turn  no rez on wihtout tag for a while

Nova Convair: Nono, is all stable atm, all like expected from my point of view. Hmmm, cant check things, need to switch viewer

Lenni Foxtrot: Hippie is coming. He says dont panic, he is on his way but if we are all blocked, wont he be also?

daallee™: Not as sim owner

Lenni Foxtrot: I disabled the scripts Nova, was me! to try to stop him, I tried to block building. Thats what he does. Nothing worked

SaveMe Oh: And just on the day of our date, Lenni.


5 thoughts on “And Who Will They Blame?

  1. I tried to have a nice dinner with SaveMe Oh.. I had dressed well, had flowers even….and then suddenly there was total destruction of our sim by some odd greifer from hell…..poor SaveMe ..she needed a night off…she disappeared, can’t say I blame her….Can we try that agin Save?

  2. Lenni Foxtrot: that Rose neglects you.. where the hell has she been?
    SaveMe Oh: At home
    SaveMe Oh: doing the dishes
    Lenni Foxtrot: ok good, cuz I will never do that..tell her to buy us some beer too
    SaveMe Oh: we prefer wine

  3. Rose! I am not anonymous, I am Lenni…the girl that keeps chasing your partner. I forget to log in before I comment..but I must say I am smitten with your GF

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