The Syrian City

Officially opening on Tuesday, Februay 23 at LEA27 at 1 pm slt, as part of a Linden Endowment for the Arts residency, is The Syrian City by SaveMe Oh, an installation that exhibits a remarkable break from her recent works. Visitors are invited to explore a large destroyed city, but one that reveals its wounds and pain only when viewed with your head in a microwave. Then, SaveMe’s trademark epileptic attacks shine here and there on its otherwise placid shapes, highlighting its features. But to reach the city, we must first trek the meditaranian in rubber boats across to Turkey and then on to Syria from which we can travel to hell.




The Syrian City

The artist provides a brief poem to accompany The Syrian City:


I have fastened my suicide belt

walk out the door without looking back

Leaving hopelessness and take the bus

to the city


With the hope of a martyr life

I stand in the dust, waiting for the door to open

on the way to the city


My last money I send to my mother

Hope and uncertainty awaits me in the city

I am on my way without looking back

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