The Sad SaveMe Oh

The encounter with the sad SaveMe started at 12:28 and ended at 14.00, interrupted by 20 or so ejecting actions by Roxy which we will not mention here.

Roxy Gellar: Go away

SaveMe Oh: Why? I enjoy the stream here.

Roxy Gellar: Why next to my venue? Go somewhere else.

SaveMe Oh: Fresh air instead of your dungeon.

Roxy Gellar: LOL go take a long walk off a short pier

SaveMe Oh: Tell to the people you lock up, that they are welcome outside.

Roxy Gellar: Go away. There is one more DD show this month. I will indulge you for a simple apology. That’s all I ask.

SaveMe Oh: For what?

Roxy Gellar: The way you have treated me.

SaveMe Oh: Trying to save you?

Roxy Gellar: You know very well how you have behaved. Rude, hurtful, insulting and ungrateful.

SaveMe Oh: You to me or me to you?

Roxy Gellar: You could have had the parcel all for what ever you want. But frankly I’m glad you’re going to be this way instead. Who needs you?

SaveMe Oh: I don’t need parcels nor anybody to need me.

Roxy Gellar: That’s why you stood outside my venue for three hours. How sad.

SaveMe Oh: Im really enjoying myself.

Roxy Gellar: Oh, sounds like a blast to stand around alone next to a place you arent wanted.


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