Mother Teresa’s Valentines PTSD

SaveMe Oh: Hi Slatan, looking for me this Valentines day?

Slatan Dryke: Hello SaveMe welcome to OBR

Snowball Shadowcry: There we go. *pats his system* Don’t worry Project Phoenix I won’t let any thing happen to you

Slatan Dryke: Hard to behave also in this important event, aint it? This fast particles are a serious problem for who suffers from PTSD

Aisling Sinclair: Hey there – are the particles yours? Quite pretty but do please kill them, taking up a lot of resources.

SaveMe Oh: No, I dont use particles.

Aisling Sinclair: Whatever you use.. please stop. Second warning – please stop the light display.

SaveMe Oh: Why can’t I contribute to the good course?

Aisling Sinclair: Although it’s festive, it’s really causing lag – sorry but please do stop.


Like every year they are the first to kick women out. One Billion Rising in secondlife, so sad!

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