Venus Doesn’t Adore Me While Surreal Dreaming

Bear with me

Venus Adored: You always seems to want all attention ..isnt it?

SaveMe Oh: Don’t blame me for being the most attractive

Venus Adored: Well  you needed a long time to find the answer

SaveMe Oh: As an artist I have better things to do than anwer nobodies

Venus Adored: Haha…poor you! As an artist you disturb other artists…how nobel is that?

SaveMe Oh: No, I help Surreal Dreaming to be not only just a name.

Venus Adored: Sure! Well thank god you mist my performance a while ago.

SaveMe Oh: You do performances? In your own toilet or on larger scale?

Venus Adored: Lol…well feel happy with big mouth of you…I really feel sorry for you..if thats the only way you can ask attention,i really feel sorry

SaveMe Oh: After I will give you the group you can join with all the others who feel sorry for me.

Venus Adored: No thanks. I no need a group


Surreal Dreaming: Please stop. You don’t need to be such a wicked person. There is no need to grief. This was a happy celebration. You were asked several times to tone it down by Art Blue. You chose to ignore and so you began to make it bad for people

SaveMe Oh: You already ejected me, and I contributed to the happy celebration

Surreal Dreaming: So I’m asking you nicely to please stop.I know you are griefing right now

SaveMe Oh: I gave you nice bears, gipsy fire and spring flowers.

Surreal Dreaming: I have been in sl 8 years. I know your reputation but I allowed you to be here hoping you would proove that you could be decent. So stop pelase. Be nice. You are not banned. You simply got ejected.

SaveMe Oh: You call your sim Surreal Dreaming but you prefer conservative real life imitation

Surreal Dreaming: Art showed me that he asked you several times to please stop. Be nice

SaveMe Oh: I cant stop, I am an artist

Surreal Dreaming: ‘No you’re not when you do this crap.

SaveMe Oh: This is what I have to do.

Surreal Dreaming: It shows you are a vully bully. So just stop be nice and you find people will start to like you then. Ok dear

SaveMe Oh: No, I am not, I upgrade your event for free.

Surreal Dreaming: No, just please be nice. Take care.

SaveMe Oh: I am, this all is done out of love.

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