Depressed Moonchilds

SaveMe Oh: Normally they blame me for crashing the sim, haha


SaveMe Oh: So clean your sim of all rubish!!!!!! Its all useless shit.

Moonchild: I can take a crashed sim just once a week. No option for today πŸ™‚ What would be left of SL if all the rubbish was deleted?

SaveMe Oh: Freedom. 80% is shit from people who want to rebuild RL. Did you ever use a virtual kitchen?

Moonchild: That is my problem with SL – I do not pee, not eat, not wash.

SaveMe Oh: Its not my problem as I dont build that stuff, luckily.

Moonchild: I could create fantasies – beat gravity and physical laws but people rarely do that here.

SaveMe Oh: I only build fantasies, after I leave its gone. Very good for a clean environment.

Moonchild: Just a memory.

SaveMe Oh: All will be in the end so better start early.

Moonchild:I assume you are right – though it is a scary thought

SaveMe Oh: Laughing a lot helps


Glasz DeCuir: I am going to kill my avatar, but i will try to split the marketplace incomes with you.

SaveMe Oh: Again in the drama mood?

Glasz DeCuir: It’s a quiet decision, any drama πŸ™‚ I will use Glasz online that way I wont return to waste time here. Sorry about concert and performs, but always can watch them online,stream or film them!

SaveMe Oh: Go to sleep and leave me in peace with your continuous melodrama.

Glasz DeCuir: I tell you because you will recive now a lot of messages from Marketplace. Bye-bye!

SaveMe Oh: The Potatobag Fund. Yesssssssss. Better use it to buy me a can of bask sardine and send me once a month.

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