When You Love Me

When you love me you are guilthy off this according to Rubin Mayo and Google Translator

Save LEA_003

Loving SaveMe Oh makes you an accomplice of her violence!

For me she acts as a disturber, it’s on purpose she takes over the stage at all costs proving to have no respect for anyone, nor for the artists who exhibit and even for the public came to see the show and instead forced to suffer the gratuitous violence implemented by this person (SaveMe Oh).

You always say that Italians owners want to do “first women”, but as detestable, their behavior remains within the proper limits.

This person however (SaveMe Oh), goes further: She behaves incorrectly and moreover contrary to the TOS of SL.

Although she may be an artistic genius, as a person she behaves in a despicable and violent way so for me she has finished, it has finished forever my confidence and even the possibility that I can tolerate her behavior.

The fact is that people who love SaveMe Oh are using two weights and two measures when it suits them. Don’t they realise that this is precisely the reason that causes their isolation?

Right now the SaveMe Oh lovers are unconditional, blind and over-supportive to that person. SaveMe Oh is unworthy and causes your isolation: all the artists I know and even many dealers were the subject of the violence of that person (SaveMe Oh), may be normal for you to avoid these .. .

Loving SaveMe Oh is wanting to be isolated or excluded.


Rubin Mayo and SaveMe

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