Did You Miss Him As Much As I Did?


SaveMe Oh: Igor, omg!

Igor Ballyhoo: Hello

SaveMe Oh: Under what stone have you been hiding?

Igor Ballyhoo: Sandbox

SaveMe Oh: Good place to hide. Lots of sand. Did you miss me?

Igor Ballyhoo: Interesting observation. Why would I miss you?

SaveMe Oh: Because you love me deeply?

Igor Ballyhoo: That is a dumb thing to say

SaveMe Oh: The truth is never dumb. Its the truth.

Igor Ballyhoo: That is even a dumber thing to say

SaveMe Oh: Why cant you just say: hello love of my life?

Igor Ballyhoo: This is bullshit, this is not blog post material, try something else? It is worn out. There must be something inteligent we could talk about


SaveMe Oh: Ok, your DocMartins are way too big.

Igor Ballyhoo: I think so too

SaveMe Oh: You need money to buy some new ones? Is that it?

Igor Ballyhoo: Why do I have memory of you being able to have intelligent conversation?

SaveMe Oh: Because you love me so you know.

Igor Ballyhoo: You didn’t see me in years and all you talk about is prim boots

SaveMe Oh: You hide for me all the time and you can’t admit you love me. I’m glad you stopped smoking btw.

Igor Ballyhoo: I didn’t

SaveMe Oh: You want to kill all my high expectations?

Igor Ballyhoo: I don’t know where did you got those

SaveMe Oh: I am not blind, I know when a man loves me.

Igor Ballyhoo: Something distracted you? You don’t sound concentrated.

SaveMe Oh: When I am with you nothing can distract me.

Igor Ballyhoo: I think I just realized what your work is about

SaveMe Oh: Love?

Igor Ballyhoo: You have a frame loads of walls and things. Your work is kind of a fractal. You are repeating one phrase over and over in different intensities hoping it will become interesting pattern.

SaveMe Oh: Thank you, thats so sweet of you to say.

Igor Ballyhoo: Pattern it is but patterns are just events, they have no meaning. Wait! Cigar!

SaveMe Oh: I wont take pics of you with cigars, we have to think about young people who might start to smoke with such an example.

Igor Ballyhoo: What about them? Great things came from smoking.

SaveMe Oh: I am a rolemodel for them


Igor Ballyhoo: Would you give me copy of this bar?

SaveMe Oh: You want something from somebody who isn’t able to do something?

Igor Ballyhoo: Please be more precise?

SaveMe Oh: Who doesn’t want to be my friend? Who doesn’t dare to say he loves me?


You have offered friendship to Igor Ballyhoo

Igor Ballyhoo is Online


SaveMe Oh: Omg you dare to be my friend. Longer than one minute?

Igor Ballyhoo: I deleted you before just for one reason, you were boring. But everyone deserves second chance. Become boring again and I will delete you again, I don’t have time to be bored


Inventory item offered to Igor Ballyhoo


Igor Ballyhoo: Is that the bar?

SaveMe Oh: You dont know the painting, you barbarian?

Igor Ballyhoo: I do know the painting but I didn’t check what you sent

SaveMe Oh: So thats the title, Nighthawks, not “the bar”.

Igor Ballyhoo: I asked if it is a bar

SaveMe Oh: Sigh

Igor Ballyhoo: Yes for fuck sake, did u send painting or fuckin’ bar…

SaveMe Oh: Wear it dumbo or do I have to spell it out for you in braille language?

Igor Ballyhoo: omfg, I was asking did u send prim bar or img, I just accepted and didn’t look in to inv, that’s why I ask

SaveMe Oh: Wear it

Igor Ballyhoo: Thank you

SaveMe Oh: Jesus, some people are so slow. Turn your AO off

Igor Ballyhoo: Thank you, I just wanted it as a souvenir, no one made a bar with my name before.

SaveMe Oh: Its a collectors item.

Igor Ballyhoo: Yes, I would agree there

SaveMe Oh: Your fans will get wild.


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